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Above & Beyond Teases Possible New Show at The Gorge

For anyone that was at ABGT 250, you know damn well The Gorge was meant for an Anjunabeats family gathering. The setting evokes a certain emotionality that can only really be amplified through Above & Beyond’s timeless feels-inducing music. Now Above & Beyond is pouring

IMPORTANT: An Update On The Wildfires Near Shambhala

IMPORTANT UPDATE 8/12/2017: Shambhala will be closing early due to the fires. Saturdays programming is still happening but, they are asking patrons to prepare for an early departure Sunday morning. The Following is a statement from the festival organizers:< DUE TO THE MCCORMICK CREEK WILDLIFE AND

The BPM Festival Tragedy: Here’s Everything We Currently Know

Here's what we know so far concerning the recent shooting in Playa del Carmen

It’s not easy to wake up the morning and hear that people have been shot and killed while trying to enjoy themselves. On Monday morning (January 16th) gunshots were fired upon security and event attendees at the BPM Festival closing ceremonies at the Blue Parrot

FDA Approves Phase 3 Medical Trials For MDMA

The notorious party substance MDMA (Methylenedioxymethamphetamine), has been a huge point of contention in the drug scene. Mainly for the narrative of it being a dangerous street drug that kills “so many” people. It’s hard to imagine a drug with such a salacious popular narrative

Got 5 Minutes? DanceSafe Needs Your Help With Harm Reduction

Take the survey and get a 10% off DanceSafe discount code!

For those of you who are not familiar with DanceSafe, this is a good time to get to know them. DanceSafe was founded in 1998 by Emanuel Sferios in San Francisco with one soul purpose: provide common sense harm reduction services to ravers. Since then,

Weathering the Storm! A Guide For Rainy Days

The past few days in the Pacific Northwest have been filled with buzz of the impending storm of the century. Weather forecasters are calling for heavy rain, flooding, extremely high winds, and disaster-like outcomes. We will leave the survival tips (like how to keep your fridge cold

Magnifique is Just Around The Corner: How To Be Prepared

In our best Katy Perry voice, It's gonna be hot and then cold...

It’s finally here. The festival we have been waiting for is just around the corner and we want to close summer out strong! On September 17, we will all be reunited at The Gorge in George with the likes of Kaskade, Chromeo, Gramatik, Netsky, Duke

Is “Stranger Things” Changing The Musical Landscape?

Now if we could just bring back the 80s hairstyles...

Anyone who has watched the Netflix series Stranger Things can tell you that it is an absolutely amazing show. It plays on a lot of nostalgic themes from cult classics of the 80’s like The Goonies, Little Monsters, and Stand By Me just to name a few. The

Let’s Talk About Sex (and STDs), Baby

If you didn’t meet your significant other on the internet, then it is likely you met them at a show or a festival. We have seen many beautiful relationships blossom out of this scene: from overnight to long-term. Often times the connection is so instant and

The Secret Garden Party Offers Sensible Harm Reduction Services

Harm reduction takes another huge step forward

We have been reporting on the effectiveness of Shambhala festival in the realm of harm reduction for a couple of years now. We happy to say that another festival has picked up their sensible harm reduction policies, providing pill & powder testing services to attendees.

Navigating The Corporate World As a Raver

A balanced rave life can make or break your career

Often times, it seems that the corporate world and the raving world are at odds with one another. In many ways, that is true. The raver’s manifesto is one of Peace Love Unity Respect & Responsibility (PLURR). Not all of those are pillars on which the

Crewneck Had Us “On The Edge” [Event Review]

For the those of you who are not familiar, Crewneck is a Seattle/ Portland-based electronica band. Last Thursday, StoryTime entertainment in association with Etopia & AWOL Events hosted an eclectic evening of music centered around Crewneck’s new EP titled On The Edge. The event was hosted

Akon Works To Bring Lighting To 600M In Africa

Celebrity charities are as common as the grass that grows in the park these days, and one can questions whether or not they all make real change. Along that line, if you haven’t noticed, Akon has been off the radar for some time now. That is because