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Inside Portland’s No Vacancy Lounge

Redefining what's possible in the Oregon nightlife market (and beyond)

Running a successful club in 2018 is a tall order, forcing a venue to answer a handful of key questions. Can you bring in enough headliner-quality artists to regularly draw a crowd? Can you balance the price of first-rate talent with the cost of running

How to Beat the Heat At Paradiso This Weekend

Many of our favorite weekend festival experiences take place in regions where the sun shines and summer reigns supreme. Paradiso is of course no exception to this, held at the Gorge Amphitheater in what amounts to the desert of Eastern Washington. This year more than

Upper Left Brings Us Back to Basics With Source NYE (Exclusive Interview)

"A series of events designed to tell a story in the language we are best versed in: Music and atmosphere"

The festival scene throughout the last few years has evolved into something unrecognizable from its original form. Large-scale production values have taken center-stage, with most events doubling down on the idea that bigger equals better. That being so, it’s been exciting to see our own

Seattle Spotlight: Super Square Teams Up With Impossible Records

A local favorite makes their Impossible Records debut

There’s nothing we love more here at DMNW than supporting our talented locals. The latest comes to us courtesy of KJ Sawka’s Impossible Records: Super Square. The Seattle-based progressive bass trio has long been a local fixture, opening for Marshmello at Bumbershoot just a couple months

USC’s FreakNight 2016 Lineup Features a Host of Exciting New Names

Stay tuned for our all-inclusive Freaknight giveaway!

20th anniversaries are always an exciting affair. EDC Las Vegas celebrated theirs in style just this year. Shambhala’s two-decade party kicks off in 2017. For FreakNight, 20 years went by in a flash. In that time, we’ve seen everything from Nero’s live band on the mainstage,

These Seattle Bars Can Now Help You Test Your Drink For Date Rape Drugs

Two Capitol Hill bars have a new way to keep their patrons safe

We’ve talked in-depth about the dangers of spiked drinks in the past. In Seattle, it’s become something of an epidemic, with The Stranger polling 10 separate people who were victimized just this summer. Local bar and nightlife spot Chop Suey is looking to solve that

USC Unveils Phase 1 of the FreakNight 2016 Lineup

FreakNight has been a Seattle fixture for years, as the go-to Halloween celebration for the Northwest’s rave scene. USC Events has also made a habit of gifting us with bigger and better lineups on a yearly basis. In 2013, we got Dash Berlin, Destroid, and

7 Reasons Why Dubstep Isn’t Dead

Contrary to popular belief, bass music is alive and thriving

The prevailing opinion among many so-called “experts” over recent years is that dubstep is a dying genre. We’re here to refute this claim. In fact, we’re of the opinion that bass music is experiencing a golden age the likes of which the genre’s never seen. It’s

DMX to Usher in Summer in Style With Aston Manor and Upper Left

Grab your best board shorts and tank tops

The Northwest’s music scene is nothing if not eclectic. The hip-hop scene is led by the likes of Blue Scholars and Macklemore (among tons of other talent), while rock music has been buoyed by legends like Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana. Suffice it to say, we’ve never been

Paradiso 2016: Your Guide to the Lineup, Tickets, and More

Everything you need to know (including the best way to buy the cheapest tickets)

Ahh yes. Festival Season. That special time of year when the weather starts to get warmer, and the summer planning begins. Let’s not forget one of the most exciting parts of that either: The lineups. We’ve already gotten them for festivals like Shambhala, FVDED in

The Shambhala 2016 Lineup is the Most Eclectic One Yet

We hope you didn't sleep on tickets, because this one is huge

It may only be Spring, but that hasn’t done anything to temper our excitement about Shambhala this August. As one of the best festival experiences you’ll ever find, it’s a festival unafraid to push boundaries when it comes to its lineups. Last year, we were

Paradiso 2016: Your Definitive Guide to Buying Tickets

Everything you need to plan the perfect Paradiso experience

Festival season is beginning to kick into full swing, and with it comes the first chatter of news concerning Paradiso. Ever since it first started gracing the Gorge back in 2012, it’s become the premier destination for all Northwest ravers come June, getting bigger and

FVDED in the Park Gives Us Our First Summer Lineup of 2016

It's time to start dreaming of festival season.

We’ve made no secret of our love for all things British Columbia as of late. The rave community up in the Vancouver and Victoria neighborhood is one that’s thriving, thanks in large part to the efforts of companies like Blueprint Events. Last year, we got

Diving In With the Anjunabeats Tour (Exclusive Interview)

Talking trance, Lucky, and everything in between

It’s always a pleasure chatting with a DJ doing big things. What’s even better though is talking to a whole tour’s worth of artists, and that’s exactly what we did with the Anjunabeats Tour leading into their big weekend here in Seattle. It’s a conversation

Pure Bliss: USC Events is Bringing A Trance Paradise to Seattle

Buckle in, Trance Family: This one's going to be huge.

Seattle’s electronic music scene is one that’s been focused on bass music throughout its history, and for good reason. Safe in Sound has packed WaMu with sell-outs in consecutive years, Excision sold out Foundation Nightclub in minutes, and bass stages across every local festival are consistently crowded