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Techno Queen Nina Kraviz Demolishes Gender Bias

We talk about equality a lot, especially regarding diverse lineups filled with both female and male artists. It sounds simple enough, just book an average number of both artists and you’ll have a well-rounded and well-curated lineup that tailors to anyone’s favorite genres. Yet, it’s

Hatiras is Releasing a New 90s-Inspired Album

Hatiras is known for his deep house, simplistic music vibes that are reminiscent of early 90’s techno; his tracks have accrued wide acclaim over the years for his commitment to preserving dance music’s past by fusing it with the future sounds we all know and

Slander Re-Imagines Above & Beyond’s “Always”

When you think about Above & Beyond, you think of ethereal vocals, uplifting basslines, and sweeping progressive trance vibes; Always is textbook Above & Beyond with those attributes and more. The original version begins with the quintessential Above & Beyond vocal work, with an angelic voice

Kremwerk Launches New Deep Techno Night: “Depth”

What are you doing on Thursdays? We ask because Kremwerk has started a new techno night called Depth. The Timbre Room/Kremwerk complex is known for bringing a wide range of musical styles, genres, and artists, and Depth is just another in their diverse lineup of shows. Completely

Opinion: I Think Sexual Harassment is Poisoning Our Scene

Why we need to keep EDM safe; my struggle with sexual assault.

Sexual assault at music events has, unfortunately, become all too real. Women and men are violated by people who think if you dress a certain way, or participate in a certain lifestyle, it’s okay to take advantage of someone. Let me shut down this mindset