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Super 8 & Tab Release First Track “Burn” From New Album

Earlier this year, trance duo Super 8 & Tab released their album Reformation Part 1. Soon after that release, they announced a follow up to that album called Reformation Part 2 which will be released on May 25th. The first track from this second part of their Reformation series is
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Kremwerk Launches New Deep Techno Night: “Depth”

What are you doing on Thursdays? We ask because Kremwerk has started a new techno night called Depth. The Timbre Room/Kremwerk complex is known for bringing a wide range of musical styles, genres, and artists, and Depth is just another in their diverse lineup of shows. Completely
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The Highly-Anticipated ABGT250 Lineup Has Arrived!

The summer festival season has brought us one of the best Paradisos in recent memory, and will soon grace us with a two-day Pretty Lights festival also at the Gorge, and Northwest favorites like Bumbershoot and the Capitol Hill Block Party. But arguably the biggest
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Bumbershoot Drops Yet Another Headliner-Packed Lineup For 2017

Every Labor Day Weekend, in the shadow of the Space Needle and in the final clutches of Summer Bumbershoot Festival returns. With its multiple stages, sprawling local food vendors, art installations, and the beautiful Seattle Center Park as a backdrop, Bumbershoot is a unique festival.
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Opinion: I Think Sexual Harassment is Poisoning Our Scene

Why we need to keep EDM safe; my struggle with sexual assault.

Sexual assault at music events has, unfortunately, become all too real. Women and men are violated by people who think if you dress a certain way, or participate in a certain lifestyle, it’s okay to take advantage of someone. Let me shut down this mindset
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