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Lady Casa: The Rave Queen Tells All

What it truly means to be a PLUR Warrior

If you are an EDM fanatic with an Instagram or Twitter account, it is highly likely that you have heard of the renowned Lady Casa. Hailing from Miami, FL, Lady Casa (aka: Michelle) decided to sit with us and talk to us a bit more

Mad Decent Block Party: Way More Than Decent

Mad Decent Block Party Eugene offers Pacific Northwest ravers one more chance to enjoy that final dose of summer festival for the year. But it’s more than just a pit-stop for attendees. From an incredibly impressive line-up to the stellar setting, this insane party does

Diplo & Kandi: Why Bans Are Not The Solution

By now, almost anyone who listens to electronic dance music somewhat regularly probably knows what kandi is. With all of the recent media attention placed on banning it, it’s clearly a hot topic. Recently, Diplo made a statement about kandi,  banning the plastic bead creations from Mad Decent