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Defining Dubstep With Firepower’s PhaseOne (Interview)

"That’s a lot of what all this touring is about: seeing if this can be a full time gig or not."

Graeme Duffy, better known by his moniker PhaseOne, has taken the bass music scene by storm over the past several years and shows no signs of stopping. Often combining metal and dubstep, PhaseOne creates a symphony of filth. It’s easy to see why labels like Firepower

The Capitol Hill Block Party Experience: 2016 Review

Another great year, another gigantic crowd

Capitol Hill Block Party brings together hundreds of artists, vendors, staff, and attendees each year for three days filled with bliss and excitement, good friends, fantastic food, and unbelievable music. This year was no exception. What we remember each time varies from year-to-year, person-to person.

Elevation Radio: Episode 31 (Mixed By DJ Henski)

Top 40, EDM bootlegs, old school hip-hop, and more!

Elevation Radio is mixed weekly by the best Northwest artists and DJs, breaking new originals, remixes, mashups and bootlegs from the most talented DJs across the world. Hear the Northwest’s best dance music artists like never before, from every genre, any time you want to

The Best of 2014 In 14 Photos

A lot happened this year, do you remember? No worries, We’ve highlighted 14 of the biggest events, news stories, and breakthroughs that took place this year; news that no one should forget come 2015. We take a look at everything from ZHU’s controversial performance at Stereosonic, the

TomorrowWorld Reveals Stunning Mainstage, Theme, and New Trailer

TomorrowWorld announced the plan for this year’s main stage: the epic Volcano setup from Tomorrowland. Over 400 feet wide and 100 feet tall, the gorgeous structure will be shipped in approximately 80 containers traveling over 6,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean from Belgium to Chattahoochee Hills. As if that wasn’t big enough

Hodor: Game Of Thrones’ Own DJ Announces Tour

You heard right folks, Kristian Nairn, aka Hodor, is in fact a DJ when he is not acting in the all-popular series ‘Game Of Thrones’.  The actor/ DJ will be touring through Australia first, hitting six cities on his “Rave Of Thrones” tour. Australia sure

The Cellphone Of The Future: Charges By Sound Waves

Cellphones have come a long way in their short life. From radioactive brick telephones to palm-sized, intelligent, GPS-equipped, all-in-one computers. Today we are overjoyed to relay Science Alert’s breaking news in cellular technology: self-charging phones. Cellphones that are so smart, they can be charged simply by

Madeon And Vengeance Settle Stolen Sample Debacle

Most of us know being a producers isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. We often hear of situations or arguments about how so and so stole this sound, or that sample. It can get pretty nasty sometimes, trust us. The latest issue that’s come to everyone’s attention

Tomorrowland 2014 Live Sets: Weekend 1, Day 1

Good morning and happy Saturday! As we roll out of bed today, some of us will head right for the shower, our coffee makers, or whatever else your morning routine might be, but not before flipping open our laptops in preparation for the Tomorrowland Live Stream Day 2 of

Destroid Remixes That Will Knock Your Socks Off

Are you ready for the ultimate remixes of your favorite new Destroid tracks? Remixing artists include Bar 9, Datsik, FuntCase, along with others. Destroid consists of three heavy hitting dubstep masters, Excision, Downlink, and Kj Sawka. When these artists work together like we see here,

The EC Twins To Return To Aston Manor Friday

Los Angeles based duo EC Twins will be in Seattle this Friday, performing at Aston Manor once again. Think back to NYE, the last time we saw them at the 21+ social club, and you’ll recall a venue packed with an excited & well-dressed crowd. The noteworthy