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Kaytranada Drops Three New Beats Out Of The Blue

Recently, Montreal-based producer Kaytranada went on Soundcloud to upload three brand new tracks. The songs don’t appear to be linked to any projects, but their disco-influenced demeanor suggest they could’ve been lifted directly from his stellar 2016 album, 99.9%. 2017 07 04 is a dreamy disco

Capitol Hill Block Party 2017: Review & Photos

The sky opened up and the sun smiled at us this past weekend in Capitol Hill. The streets filled with fresh, excited faces, running from stage to stage in a blind attempt to catch shows by their favorite local and national artists. Capitol Hill residents

SoundCloud Layoffs Leave Future Of Service Unclear

The internet's biggest user-generated streaming service is facing some tough cuts, but can it survive?

Back up your stuff, because the internet’s premier source of unofficial remixes, bedroom recordings and basement DJ sets might be going under. In a blog post last week, SoundCloud co-founder Alex Ljung announced the decision to lay off 173 staff members—40% of their current workforce—and

Opinion: Nobody Needs So Many Vinyl Records, Except…

The market is the biggest it’s been in decades, but why now?

A few weeks ago, I went to a house party in my mid-sized college town. I took a seat on the couch and looked to my left where not one, not two, but three copies of Flume’s second LP Skin sat prominently on the window sill. Immediately, my mind

Get Down With Washed Out At The Showbox This Summer

Early last Friday, tickets went on sale for the Seattle stop of singer-producer Washed Out’s nationwide tour. The tour will complement the release of his upcoming album Mister Mellow, which released June 30th on Stones Throw Records. Over the last few weeks, the artist released a string

Mura Masa’s Latest Singles “Wave” & “Soul M8s” Are Off-The-Wall Gems

On Thursday, the artist released two new tracks. Together, they give us a bit of insight on the direction the upcoming album might take.

Mura Masa, a young producer based out of the UK, has been receiving a steady stream of hype out of the underground and into the limelight. His debut EP Someday Somewhere landed him a record deal with Interscope, and the lead track “Lovesick” shot to #1 on

What To Do If You Bought a Pemberton Ticket

Thousands of festival goers are furious following the news of Pemberton’s bankruptcy and subsequent cancellation of their music festival in July. There’s no automatic refunds at the moment, leaving ticket holders wondering where their money’s at and what they can do to get it back. Ernst & Young, the

LCD Soundsystem Replaces Frank Ocean at Sasquatch! Music Festival

Frank Ocean cancels performance three weeks before the festival, and LCD Soundsystem takes the key lineup spot

Frank Ocean will not perform at Sasquatch! Music Festival as planned this year, citing “production delays beyond his control” as the main cause. Instead, three time Grammy nominee LCD Soundsystem will take the stage on May 26. It’s still unclear whether Ocean will perform at