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Pill Testing Builds Momentum After Stereosonic Deaths

Sensational headlines always have a double-edged sword. While it has become increasingly important to bring awareness to the many issues on this planet, it must be done with the underlying foundations of Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. Here at DMNW we strive to facilitate positive and

Galantis Announces Louder Harder Better Tour

Much to the delight of fans throughout the world, Galantis has just announced their Louder Harder Better tour for 2016. Hailing from Sweden, the band had established successes of their own before meeting in 2012. Galantis consists of Linus Elköw from Style of Eye and

EDM Makes It Big With New MOMEM Museum

Europe has been a pioneer in the electronic dance music scene since the beginning, influencing the evolution of the genre as it continues to amass popularity all over the world. Germany, in particular, has long been a powerhouse for new and exciting genres and sub genres.

Study Shows Science Behind Music Addiction

Have you ever wondered why you love music so much? A few answers may come to mind instantly: the way it makes you feel, the way it helps to cope with emotional or physical pain, the way it connects you to others… The list could go on

Missy Elliott Returns After Extended Hiatus

The living dance legend Missy Elliot has finally returned with a vengeance with her newly-released single WTF (Where They From) featuring Pharrell Williams. Missy Elliott first hinted at a comeback when she joined Katy Perry on stage during this year’s Superbowl half time show, much

Science Says: DANCE!

A recent study done by The Conversation has drawn the same conclusion that music lovers have known for years: Dancing with others is good for your health. People are drawn to music for many different reasons. Whether it be spiritual, emotional, physical, or cultural, music has been a part

Pet Cemetery: The Good, The Bad and The Puppies

Halloween is always synonymous with creative costumes and freaky activities, and Pet Cemetery at Fremont Foundry completely embodied what makes Halloween one of the best holidays. Upper Left and The Good Vibe Tribe joined forces to bring an event that was truly unique and full of ghoulish Halloween

What the Fest?! After Movie Brings Back All The Feels

The outskirts of Dufur, Oregon host a magical experience called What The Festival?! for three days in mid-June. People from all over the United States come together to celebrate individuality, self-expression, art, music, community, endless amounts of fun, and more. The foundation of the festival lays in

Should Music Venues Get Public Funding?

Once again trumping the American dance music standard, British Culture Minister, Ed Vaizey, recently reiterated the importance of supporting music venues within the UK. Currently, music venues have the option to apply for funding from the government, utilizing the same funding used for art or cultural events. “A

Sound Remedy Gives Back To Fans

In a recent spin that almost seemed like a scam, Sound Remedy announced last week that in order to celebrate his personal success, he would be sending money to lucky fans via a Paypal account. What started as an aloof and vague twitter post quickly

Campout Stories from the DirtyBird Crew

The first weekend of October in Silverado, CA was marked with EDM-loving adults reconnecting to innocent roots at the first annual Dirtybird Campout. While music festivals are popping up all over the United States, Dirtybird Campout has shown how unique and special music festivals can

Rave Style For Your Lifestyle

The DMNW hub is all about connecting our community to things we can all enjoy. From new  music, to social progress, to events and products, we strive to connect the community to new and interesting things. For many EDM fans, the influence of music doesn’t

Arty At Euphoria Is Glorious

Red Cube, one of Portland’s biggest EDM promotion companies, has just taken over the venues formerly known as Branx and Rotture to revamp the space under it’s own jurisdiction. Now called Euphoria, the club is Red Cube’s next step in total PDX takeover. The new

TomorrowWorld Shutdown Leaves Fans Sleeping in the Mud

After two days of torrential weather Tomorrow World decided to limit access to the festival for the third and final day of the festival. Located in Chattanooga Hills in Georgia, the first two days of the festival were marked by intense rainfall and thunderstorms. On Saturday,

Thomas Jack: The Good, The Bad, And The Pineapples

The Australian legend Thomas Jack wowed the crowd again at a humid and tropical party this past Saturday at Foundation night club. With Aloha shirts and beach swag in tow, fans were eager to get through the 40-minute entry line, passing the time by swapping

Tomorrowland Aftermovie Brings Belgium To Us

Tomorrowland just released their aftermovie. It gave us chills from half way across the world while transcending through time, allowing us to relive the experience like we were there. Unfortunately we were not there, but the after movie projects the experience into our reality, allowing us

Contour’s Bollysutra Brings PLURR to Bollywood

Club Contour is a smaller venue in the heart of downtown Seattle. Known as a great lunch spot for Seattle’s business professionals during the day, at night the venue changes into a laid-back club with a positive atmosphere. Every month Contour hosts Bollysutra Bollywood RAVE, where guests

Modestep to Ravage Seattle (+GIVEAWAY)

Heavenly bass-heavy Modestep is gracing Seattle with another dynamic tour, stopping by The Crocodile on September 20. After raging their way through the UK, Modestep has crossed the pond to share their grimy harmonic style with their American comrades. As dubstep became increasingly popular, Modestep was

Tunes To Ease You Through The Changing Season

We all love music that evokes a passion or a particular feeling. This invocation transcends barriers and connects like-minded individuals to one another. With hectic lifestyles and little free time it can be difficult to slow down and relax, let alone find the next amazing

Snapchat: The EDM Takeover

As technology continues to evolve, our human experience evolves with it. Our favorite bass lines and classic buildups were not possible until the invention and integration of the computer, theremin, and synthesizer. The technology for music production improves constantly, as does the technology used to

Dirtybird Campout: A Festival Dream

Founded by Claude Vonstroke in the mid 2000’s, Dirtybird Records had humble beginnings throwing intimate parties in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. Flash forward to 2015, now the label hosts an annual Dirtybird BBQ with label mates Justin Martin, Christian Martin, J. Phlip and many

Why We Need SNBRN

SNBRN is quickly taking off as a talented DJ in the sunset house genre. With 96,000 followers on soundcloud and more than 15,000,000 plays so far, it is safe to say that this SNBRN is here to stay. Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, SNBRN has been

PLURR Meets Bollywood (+GIVEAWAY)

Seattle has a long history of innovative music genres that help to promote community and drive the next big thing. At its core, dance music is all about connecting the unique individual to a collective whole. The genre supports the opportunity to merge music with culture, west with