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Arca Releases First Track Off Forthcoming LP, “Soichiro”

Venezuelan experimental electronic music producer Arca recently dropped the first track to be released from their upcoming sophomore full-length LP, which they revealed will be titled Mutant. The new single is titled Soichiro, and continues their typically loose-ended production style, with a lot of the glitchy, abrasive
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Don’t Miss Hudson Mohawke at The Crocodile This Week

If you’re even remotely into trap music, electronically-tinged hip-hop production, and/or just hard-hitting beat music in general, you absolutely won’t want to miss Scottish producer Hudson Mohawke‘s upcoming show at The Crocodile this Wednesday, October 14th. Touring in support of his sophomore full-length LP Lantern, released
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DMNW’s Comprehensive Guide To Decibel Festival 2015

On top of being an electronic music fan’s wet dream, the annual Decibel Festival is one of the most ambitious music festivals in the Pacific Northwest. Standing at five days long, spanning across 11 different locations across Seattle – among them a park, the lounge of a
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The Shafting of EDM at the 2015 Video Music Awards

Let’s face it, the MTV Video Music Awards aren’t exactly what you’d call a purveyor of high-quality, artful entertainment. Even compared to fellow mainstream music awards show the Grammys, the VMAs are shallow, gaudy, and (painfully) obviously focus-grouped to appeal to the widest array of
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