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Drug Dog Overdoses Checking Holy Ship Passengers

This last weekend mans best friend seemed to get into a little bit of trouble. Jake, a drug-sniffing dog for the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office showed signs of an overdose while helping out his partner, Deputy Scott Stewart. The pair were inspecting luggage prior to attendees entering

Mija Heads to Seattle With a Live Band

Mija has been on our list of artists to watch for a while now. She has played at Dirtybird Campout, Freaknight, Magnifique, and many more. But we have never seen her in this kind of setting. Mija will be performing for the first time in

ZHU Cancels Upcoming Tour

ZHU recently announced that his Dune Tour Part II would be canceled. About a month ago ZHU announced his new tour that would cover a number of states. But recently he turned to social media to announce that the tour would be canceled to focus

Infected Mushroom is Coming to Portland

Infected Mushroom started 2019 off right with a tour announcement, and Portland is in luck. The legendary duo will be playing on February 21st from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. at 45 East, with local support being announced soon. This will be a 21 and

Eric Clapton Pays Tribute to Avicii Over Holidays

Eric Clapton showed that though genres and music may sound different, the people that make them and put their all into their art, are the same. This past summer Eric Clapton announced that he would be doing a Christmas album. Along with his classic sound,

Fyre Festival is Coming to Netflix

Fyre Festival was planned to be a luxury festival full of models and music, instead, it was a scam with no bathrooms, tents, and prepackaged sandwiches. It made the news for all the wrong reasons and was followed with lawsuits and jail time. Now Netflix

Insomniac Announces New In-House Record Label Service

Insomniac made an announcement this week that makes them an even bigger player in the electronic music scene. They announced the start of Insomniac Music Group, a record label service that will oversee distribution and management of music for established artists, as well as upcoming

New Christmas Music From Kaskade is Out Now

The wait is over, new Christmas music from Kaskade is out! Last year we were obsessed with his Christmas album, and this year isn’t any different. Our love of Christmas music just keeps growing with every song he comes out with. This year he added

Marshmello’s Manager Is Starting His Own Firm

Marshmello and his manager, Moe Shalizi, will be leaving Red Light Management. Shalizi has a number of clients through Red Light Management, and he will be taking all of them to his own new firm. His clients include Ookay, Jauz, and Slushii. Before Shalizi was part

12 Days of GRiZMAS Enters Its Fifth Year

The Holiday season is a time of giving. Though not everyone has the funds or opportunities to give back, those that do can make a huge impact in someone else’s holiday season. A DJ that understands giving back, is GRiZ. GRiZ’s annual GRiZMAS is on

New Local Event Series Starts in Portland

There is a new event series happening in Portland, and along with having some of the best music in the Northwest, part of their earning from ticket sales will go to local animal shelters. The series is called Local Heroes PDX. The series highlights many local

Manatee Commune has a New Home, Residency, and Single

Manatee Commune, also known as Grant Eadie, has his second album coming out, PDA. His first single from the album, Carried Away featuring Allie Crystal, released October 19th, and this track is beautiful. It has an amazing, clean, and energizing sound and mood that just makes

What To Do This Halloween In Portland

It is crazy to believe that the 31st is almost here, but the spooky holiday is coming up and we have everything you need to know to celebrate Halloween in Portland. Friday October 26th  At 45 East on Friday you can party at Quarantine 2018. The

Kaskade’s New Track is Tight (Seriously)

Kaskade has been putting out a lot of new music lately, with remixes and originals. This time, his newest release is an original and the name describes it all, Tight. Featuring vocalist Madge, her voice and Kaskade’s production certainly make you dance. He has now

Kaskade’s ODESZA Remix is Our New Support System

We weren’t sure if ODESZA or Kaskade could get any better, but it seems we were wrong. They just had to come together. Kaskade released ODESZA – Falls (feat. Sasha Sloan) Kaskade’s Remix this week, and it is an emotional, beautiful remix. Though the Northwest may

Our Takeaways From Pasquale Rotella’s Reddit AMA

Pasquale Rotella, the Founder & CEO of Insomniac, recently did an ask me anything on Reddit about EDC Las Vegas 2019. EDC seems to be evolving every year, with more lights, stages, and performers, and with change comes wonder and questions. EDC fans took to

What Will Dance Music Festivals Be Like in 2050?

Though it’s impossible to know what is going to happen in the future, everyone can take a guess. A writer for Noisey UK asked festival attendees at Houghton, a festival in the Norfolk Countryside, what they think music festivals would look like in 2050, and this is

And the Most Streamed Songs of the Summer Are…

It seems that music is always changing with new trends, artists, sounds and more. This summers trend, it seems, was Drake. Spotify recently released their most streamed songs of the summer, and Drake held a number of spots, with five songs! Cardi B also showed

Morgan Page Wins Over Portland Once Again

Morgan Page is no stranger to the Northwest, and the love is shown mutually every time he plays. This time around wasn’t any different. He played for a sold out show at 45 East this last Saturday, and it was full of good music, love

Justin Jay Drops New EP and Announces Tour

Justin Jay seems to be on a roll lately. After taking sometime for himself and stepping away for a little bit, his music is stronger than ever. Being enjoyed by fans, and most importantly, himself. “You’ve got to get in that zone where things are