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Check Out The Grove in Episode 4 of Planet Shambhala!

This year Shambhala Music Festival has opened their gates early (by video), and allowed us to learn more about what makes up Shambhala Music Festival. Shambhala is many’s festival of choice, and now festival goers, and people just interested, can get a taste of what Shambhala is.

Calvin Harris Helps Gets Rid of Plastic Straws

It is no secret plastic is harmful to the environment. According to the Smithsonian: “A 2015 study found that roughly eight million tons of plastics make it into the ocean each year…Many seabirds and other marine animals chow down on the colorful bits, mistaking the

Easy DIYs to Save Money This Festival Season

It is no secret festivals can be expensive, with the ticket, transportation, camping and food, things add up, and quickly. But this festival season you can keep your style cheap, while still staying fashion forward. Some festival fashion includes high-waisted shorts, decorative bras, flower head

The Gaslamp Killer is Suing Over Rape Accusation

In October a woman by the name of Chelsea Tadros accused William Benjamin Bensussen, better known by his stage name, The Gaslamp Killer, of rape. She accused The Gaslamp Killer of drugging and raping her and her friend in 2013, at The Standard in Los Angeles.