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How To Get A Refund For Your Night 2 FreakNight Ticket

After the announcement of Freaknight’s second day being cancelled, there were 20,000+ confused and upset attendees sent into the streets of Seattle with a bitter taste in their mouths. With the speculation of a Friday night attendee tragically passing away after being transported from WaMu Theater, USC

Electronic Dance Music Influence, Mark Bell, Dies

Mark Bell made up half of the British electronic dance music band LFO ( not to be confused with the American group that went by LFO) . The group was formed in the late 80’s, and was originally made up of Mark Bell and Gez Varley. They were pioneers of bass-heavy

Spoken Bird’s First EP Asks, ‘How Old Is The Wind’?

There are different genres and sub-genres of music created each day. The Booms & Claps Vol. 1 that brought a booming compilation of underrated producers is a great example of this, where we heard Spoken Bird’s music for the first time. Spoken Bird, also known as Alex Gonzalez, first

20 Acres Burn Near LAMP Venue In Tenino [UPDATED]

LAMP (or more accurately, Lazers Arts & Music Project) took place over August 8th, 9th and 10th. The festival was held on Crane Street in Tenino. This weekend in the state of Washington temperatures were extremely high with expected dry conditions. With such conditions there were several

2CBEATZ Brings Dance Music To The Olympia Ballroom

2CBEATZ, or as some refer to as Will Erickson, will be bringing more electronic dance music to Olympia in September. Typically, Seattle is known for nights of electronic dance music and great headliners, but 2CBEATZ will be offering a similar opportunity in a less populated location,

BANKS’ The Goddess Tour Hits Seattle This Fall

If you aren’t quite sure who this BANKS person is yet, let us introduce you to this soul capturing artist. Jillian Banks, most commonly known as BANKS, is a self-taught singer and songwriter who took the pain of her parents’ divorce and turned it into

USC Events Releases Official Trailer For Freaknight 2014

Were the videos allowing you to relive Paradiso 2014 not quite enough from USC Events?  Fortunately for us, USC Events unveiled Freaknight 2014 dates  right before Paradiso, allowing those counting down to the festival a chance to mark another date to be excited for. Along with the official trailer for

The 10 Most Memorable Sets From Paradiso 2014

We all know a “Top 10 ____” article is more or less one person’s opinion that you either agree with, somewhat agree with, or don’t agree with at all. From what we were able to catch at this year’s Paradiso Festival (because lets face it,

Kaleidoscope Music Festival Postponed Until 2015

An abrupt change in Kaleidoscope Music Festival’s venue has lead to further unforeseen obstacles. As with any major festival there are hours, weeks and months put into preparing so festival-goers are able to have the best possible experience. With controversy continuously circling around Kaleidoscope Festival