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Music Consumption Keeps Growing, As Album Sales Plummet

Streaming services have permanently altered the landscape of the music industry. As Rolling Stone reported, physical album sales and direct downloads continue to drop. On the other hand, streaming services continued to grow tremendously over the last year, and brought music consumption to an all-time

Are EDM-centric Nightclubs As We Know It Dying Off?

We all know what to expect on Instagram over the weekend – our friends, perfectly dressed, eating and drinking at trendy social spots. And, surprisingly, a recent article by The Guardian claims that this perfect, social media lifestyle is exactly what’s killing the UK nightclub

Venture to The Underworld with WAVES This Month

If you’ve ever wanted to travel to the realm of gods and monsters, you need to check out The Underworld at DiTEC Studios on January 26th. Sponsored by WAVES, The Underworld promises a truly immersive experience, combining electronic music with innovative art installations. The show

Flume Announces Long-Awaited Return For 2019

After a long few years without any releases, all signs point to a new Flume album in 2019! In a cheeky New Year’s Instagram post, the artist said “Cheers 2018. Next year I’ll be back in your life, I promise” View this post on Instagram

Independent Labels Took Dance Music by Storm in 2018

In 2018, we witnessed an immense presence of independent dance labels. Though the genre’s always had strong ties to independent labels, this year felt like a full-on reinvigoration of the independent label ethos of dance music. Long-standing labels like Mad Decent and Anjunabeats continued their domination,

What You Need to Know About the Spotify, Bluewater Lawsuit

Despite major wins for streaming services under the Music Modernization Act, Spotify is still struggling with a 2017 lawsuit from Bluewater Music Group. The lawsuit, which came from Spotify’s alleged failure to obtain mechanical licenses prior to streaming, has the potential to decide exactly which

Why Is Dance Music Slowing Down?

Over the past few years, you’ve probably noticed that downtempo dance music has entered a Renaissance of its own; seemingly, downtempo tracks are taking over. But why now? In an article for the Guardian, Kathy Iandoli points her finger at hip-hop, drugs, and the current

What Is Ableton’s Loop Conference?

Ableton’s Loop conference has been around since 2015, but this year’s event was the first to take place in the United States. The German company decided to move the conference stateside this year in hopes of providing producers without the ability to travel a chance to

SoundCloud Amends Artist Agreement Following Backlash

After coming under an immense amount of fire for extremely aggressive restrictions, SoundCloud has altered the verbiage of their Premiere monetization contract. Last month, the streaming company announced its seemingly exciting new self-monetization program for unsigned artists, following Spotify’s lead; however, artists quickly realized that

Winter Music Conference Announces 2019 Dates

The Winter Music Conference (WMC) is returning to Miami for its 34th year under a  brand new model after being purchased by Ultra Music Festival. The event is set to return to the Faena Forum from Monday, March 25th through Thursday, March 28th; the Conference, which

Soon, DJs Will Be Able to Mix Straight from SoundCloud

SoundCloud has announced a brand new feature that will allow DJs to mix tracks streamed from the site; they’ve partnered with some of major companies behind popular DJ interfaces. Soon you’ll be able to mix from SoundCloud’s massive catalog on programs like Traktor, Serato, Virtual

Astralwerks’ Brand Reimagined After 25 Years

Astralwerks, under new General Manager Toby Andrews, is carving a new, daring path with a major re-brand. In its 25th year, the label has undergone a massive amount of change; July marked a cross-country move from their New York base to a new Los Angeles

Bamboo Bass’s Lineup Promises a Bass Lover’s Paradise

Bamboo Festival is returning to beautiful Costa Rica this February for a fourth year of bass in paradise. Bamboo promises a completely unique and “tastefully curated” destination festival experience, setting it apart from the rest. The first phase of the lineup certainly lives up to

Swedish House Mafia’s Manager Bids the Group Farewell

Despite a triumphant reunion at Ultra earlier this year, Swedish House Mafia’s longtime manager Amy Thomson recently announced her decision to split from the megagroup. Thomson has driven the group’s success for the last 14 years, and came back on board after Swedish House Mafia’s

The Best Spotify Playlist for Every Genre of Dance Music

Spotify’s curated playlists continue to explore genres and sub-genres more thoroughly than ever before. The playlists, curated by anonymous “experts from around the world,” allow you to dip your toes into a variety of genres with hand-picked songs. Spotify has even gone the extra distance and

What Do Warner’s Stock Sales Mean for Spotify?

Recent reports yielded that Warner Music Group is the third major shareholder to sell their stakes in Spotify this year. The company appears to have followed suit after Sony sold half of their shares in May and independent label Merlin sold their entire stake. Universal

Vancouver’s First Music Center is On Its Way

Unlike other major cities in the Pacific Northwest, Vancouver has never had a substantial venue for music education, performance, and creation… until now. The City of Vancouver recently unveiled plans to construct a Center for Music in the Plaza of Nations on the city’s shoreline.

Creamfields Planning a Special Orchestral EDM Performance

Creamfields unveiled plans for a performance by a 40-piece orchestra in celebration of the festival’s 21st birthday. The Kaleidoscope orchestra will make its debut on Saturday August 25th, and will play a multitude of dance classics. This announcement follows release of some major additions, including

Iranian Woman Arrested Over Dancing Video

A young Iranian woman currently faces charges by the government for the content of her Instagram videos. Maedeh Hajabri posted a video dancing to pop and rap music without donning a hijab in her bedroom, which is a requirement for all women who appear in

Sky High Events Is Bringing Davi to Seattle

Local production company Sky High Events has been quietly growing in the Seattle dance music scene since 2016. Founder Jameson Dill started the company while working as one of the original bartenders at Smith Tower in Pioneer square. Jameson was actively DJing in the duo

Afro-EDM Takes Center Stage in Europe

Afrobeat has been dominating African pop charts since its inception, spurred by Fela Kuti in the 1970’s. The Afrobeat genre originates in Highlife, a Ghanian musical style that adapted traditional musical elements for performance on foreign instruments, such as electric guitar. Recently, a new genre