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We Tried BlissX, The Latest Mood-Enhancing Nootropic

Our review was requested despite our previous supplement takedowns ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Recently, the DMNW Team was approached by BlissX, a nootropic company with a product promising to be “the most potent mood elevating compound available without prescription.” Nootropics, “smart drugs,” and “brain hacking” are huge buzzwords right now, especially in Silicon Valley and on Wall Street.

Inside Vue Luxury Lounge

Behind the scenes of Seattle's most innovative, exciting new nightlife concept in years

Seattle has no shortage of great nightclubs, but you shouldn’t be blamed for thinking the nightlife scene could use a little shaking up. Vue Luxury Lounge, Chuck Wang’s newest nightlife destination concept, wants to shake things up, and transcend being “just a nightclub.” Vue is

Upper Left Lights Up the Fremont Foundry at JOULE

"Upper Left’s JOULE was easily one of the best parties I have been to in my years in Seattle."

Here at Dance Music Northwest, we’ve long been supporters of Upper Left’s mission. It’s one that promotes pushing the boundaries of music in our local scene, and by encouraging only the most positive vibes from fans. From the Dirtybird BBQ last year to Pet Cemetery

Upper Left

How two electronic pioneers are rewriting the book on EDM

Dance music is a scene that’s seen an insane amount of growth in just the last two years. Internationally, it’s seen the proliferation of festivals, the rise of big name DJs, and a general air among industry buffs that the bubble is about to burst.