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53 Years Ago Today, Robert Moog Dropped the First Keyboard Synthesizer

This Month In Electronic Music History, Vol. 8: October

The history of electronic music is vast and not always commonly discussed. Our segments provide us an opportunity to explore some of the various developments from its initial beginnings to now. For those that followed us from the beginning, welcome back! To those just reading

Iconic BBC Radio 1 Premiered 50 Years Ago Today

This Month in Electronic Music History, Vol 7: September

Electronic music provided listeners with a diversity of experiences for decades. Exploring the history of electronic music helps us further appreciate genres we love today. Join us for Volume 7 as we celebrate the anniversary of one of the most regarded radio shows and more!

This Month in Electronic Music History, Vol 6: August

Since its earliest beginnings, electronic music has been continuously evolving. From the first computers, to pioneering electronic instruments, to the artists that have been around for years (even decades), and even the clubs, festivals, and genres that developed over time, there’s a vast amount of

This Month in Electronic Music History, Vol 5: July

The electronic music we know today has evolved immensely since its beginnings, even after it broke into the mainstream in recent years. Learning about the history of some of our favorite genres, artists, events, and labels helps us to understand and fully appreciate the growth

This Month in Electronic Music History, Vol 4: June

It’s about that time again: we’re heading back through the earlier days of modern electronic music. All of our favorite artists gained their inspirations from somewhere, and learning about the history and roots of the past will help us to appreciate our scene even more.

This Month in Electronic Music History, Vol. 3: May

We’re officially delving in to our third segment of “This Month in Electronic Music History.” We’ve touched on various topics so far, including Frankie Knuckles and the birthplace of house music at The Warehouse, the founding of the Roland Company, plus different tracks that played a staple part in

This Month in Electronic Music History, Vol 1: March

Electronic music has evolved immensely since the introduction of the very first electronic instrument in 1897. Technological advancements throughout the century have made it possible to create the EDM that we know today. From late 1800s electronic music instruments, to the first synthesizers in progressive rock/pop bands

Spinnin’ Records Signs Its First Ever K-Pop Artist

Consider the definition of K-Pop: “A genre of music that originated in South Korea and is characterized by a variety of audiovisual elements.” What does this sentence remind you of? Looking at this definition helps us to make some connections between the similarities of K-Pop and EDM. Both genres rely

Jammin’ SoundCloud Tracks Under 500 Likes (Part I)

With the varying ways to produce music, it’s always fun to see the diversity of sound on our favorite sharing platforms. SoundCloud especially allows artist to be able to share various tracks, bootlegs, and remixes that may not normally be available on Spotify or Apple Music. Many

Super Square Displays Genre-Bending Talent With “Into Me”

At DMNW, we love following the developments of local artists. The local Seattle trio, Super Square, had a monumental 2016, with more to anticipate for 2017. The year included a debut performance at Seattle’s own Bumbershoot Festival, along with a release on Impossible Records. Impossible Records, started

‘Sweet Memories’: An Interview with CID

New York based producer Carlos Cid, known by the stage name CID, made a stop at Foundation’s Elevate Saturday this December. CID was the special guest opener prior to Chris Lake, and his set surely did not disappoint. The night was full of our favorite

KJ Sawka Reveals Pendulum Plans for 2017

Since Pendulum’s return to Ultra Miami in 2016, the EDM community has been left craving for more.  We all hoped that this would bring some sort of Pendulum reunion, but much was silent after that performance. On December 16, Pendulum uploaded a photo to Facebook with

G Jones Announces Visions Tour with 5 Stops in the Northwest

A northwest favorite since his appearances at Shambhala and Freaknight 2016, G Jones has something exciting for us in 2017. The bass-heavy artist provides a distinct sound that has captured our attention. Its mix of spacey, industrial sounds and hard-hitting wubs made him quick to rise this year.

Mau5trap Prodigy Attlas Announces Legendary Live Tour

And we're lucky enough to get two stops in the northwest.

Mau5trap has had a knack for bringing in talent throughout the past year. From the likes of Rezz to the previously mysterious Attlas, young artists with unique techno styles are making their way to the forefront. When Attlas first emerged as a rising artist, many mistakenly thought

Bass to the Face: A Night at Safe in Sound 2016

One of our favorite single-day northwest festivals, Safe in Sound, truly took WaMu Theater by force this weekend. After the show sold out last week, we knew it was going to be a wild time. With Borgore as the headliner, and supporting artists LAXX, San Holo, Feed

Get Spooked This Halloween With a Different Kind of DJ Movie

"Some souls are better left lost."

There have been several DJ and electronic movie depictions in the last couple years. We have been hesitant on their portrayals, as we feel they are often cliche representations of EDM. Many consider the recent portrayals of electronic culture over the top to the point it’s almost satirical.