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DMNW’s Guide To Preventing A Trip To The First Aid Tent

Tips to keeping you dance floor ready all weekend long.

Injuring yourself in general is the worst. Injuring yourself at a festival is double the worst. Breaking your leg sucks, but breaking your leg at a festival and missing your favourite set double sucks.  We’ll be honest – limb breaking at festivals isn’t super common,

The Sun Is Shining and We’re Ready to Get Sooo WET

"We have learned that people really love getting and being wet, they embrace it and rejoice, much like ourselves!"

This winter seemed to create some sadness and anger in the world of EDM. At one point it seemed like the trance family might be getting divorced. Everyone was complaining about DJ’s “selling out.” Avicii announced his retirement plus the beloved Pumpkin was taken from our community

The Vancouver Showcase: The Artists

A peek inside all of Vancouver's best local DJs

Hello citizens of the PNW and beyond, welcome to the first of four installments of The Vancouver Showcase. Whether you live here, you’ve visited before, or you’ve never even heard of Vancouver, keeping reading as we dive into what makes this city rad. Vancouver. Where

Who Are the Burning Man Rangers?

It’s no secret that we here at Dance Music Northwest like to party. We live for those late nights (or early mornings), sweating and shaking away on the dance floor. We like to party hard but we like to party safe. Here at DMNW, not

Eat, Ski, Rave, Repeat: Skiitour Comes to Vancouver

The boys of Skiitour are fresh off of their Australian tour, and we can’t wait to see what kangaroo and Vegemite sounds they’ve incorporated into their newest music. Best known for their funky beats, crazy outfitted fans, and reoccurring appearance on Shambhala’s Amphitheater Stage, Skiitour

Shambhala to Announce Headlining Artists This Week

After a long cold winter, we here in the Pacific Northwest finally received our first glimmer of summer. Shambhala Music Festival announced that they will be announcing their headlining artists on Wednesday, March 30! Basically, we now have an announcement of an announcement: Slightly cruel but better than