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Motion Notion is Changing Venues After 19 Years in Golden, BC

A festival named for it’s connection to movement and flux is living up to it’s name this summer. Motion Notion recently announced they’ll be moving their annual festival from Golden’s Beaverfoot Lodge to a new location this August. The long-running electronic festival that called Golden, B.C.
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Red Taping Raves Is the Opposite of Safe [Opinion]

An Alberta city wants to impose an immediate moratorium on raves The city of Edmonton is arming to make changes sparked by a recent report highlighting the impact that raves have on emergency services. A civic working group formed to address concerns regarding raves in
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5 Reasons Not to Miss Ekali’s Western Canada Tour

The young bass and trap music master Ekali, A.K.A Nathan Shaw, will be heading through Western Canada as early as next month. The man has four dates picked out in Whistler, Edmonton, Calgary, and Victoria this June as festival season starts to kick off. Maybe
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Spotify Reports More Losses Despite Growing Subscribers

Last week, in Spotify’s first ever earnings report the company reports an operating loss of $49 million dollars, roughly 4 percent of their revenue. These losses come despite a growing number of free users and paid subscribers. The numbers match the estimates, but the company’s
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Why Are Illegal And Underground Raves on the Rise? [Opinion]

Is there a reason for the upswing in illegal venues and underground partying?

Illegal raves have reportedly risen in London. Mixmag reports they have risen from 70 to 133 between 2016 and 2017. Riot police shut down an illegal party of more than 1,500 people in January inside an abandoned Morrison’s supermarket. Another underground rave was reportedly shut down
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The Many Things We Learned From The Glitch Mob’s AMA

On Friday, April 13, The Glitch Mob hosted an AMA on Reddit. For those unfamiliar, AMA stands for Ask Me Anything. They’re Q&A threads often on the subreddit IAMA, which go something like: “I/we are ____, ask me/us anything!” It’s hosted many varieties of celebrity
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You Can Now See ANKORS Drug Testing Results From Shambhala

ANKORS recently posted a glimpse of their drug testing results to Facebook, with data taken from this past Shambhala in 2017. Nearly a dozen samples screened positive for fentanyl or another opioid. Fentanyl, known to be a powerful respiratory depressant, made headlines across the continent as the
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