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Sample Drop: The Spark You’ve Been Looking For

The endless search for inspiration plagues us all in one way or another. For producers, it often takes the form of looking for the right sound. Crate digging has long since passed its prime, and given way to the digital era, where millions of recordings
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Keys N Krates, Branchez, & KRNE: A Bass Dream [Reviewed]

Headlining for the second time this year at Showbox SoDo, Keys N Krates delivered a solid performance for Seattle bass heads. Good vibes flowed throughout the venue last Thursday as we were rocked by three solid sets. Opening acts KRNE (pronounced kreɪn) and Branchez complimented
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Studio 101: Compressors, Expanders, and Gates Explained

Because you can't have a good mix without good dynamics control.

There are many tools in a producer’s arsenal. The countless effects one has at their disposal often brings up a few questions. What does this plug-in do? When do I use it? Knowing a little more about some of the essentials can do wonders for
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Songwriting 101: Harmonic vs. Melodic Composition

Every piece of music has a cornerstone on which everything is built. Deciding what that first idea should be sets the direction for your entire composition. Inspiration and creativity often work best in an open environment, where you can let your ideas flow. However, with
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