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Summer Meltdown Offers A Local Shambhala Alternative

The second weekend of August 2015 is one of the most music-saturated moments of the entire summer. There’s the Northwest dance music mecca, Shambhala, and if you’re more into pop-punk and post-hardcore, Vans Warped Tour has you covered (Diplo’s bizarre Mad Decent protégé, Riff Raff,

Is Burning Man Running Dance Music Out Of Town?

When it comes to counter-cultural movements, the general public tends to lump burners and ravers into the same category. It’s understandable, after all, there’s a good deal of overlap between burner culture and the EDM scene. Both groups are devoted to art and community. Burners

Beyond Wonderland Drops Heavy-Hitting First Wave Lineup

Summer may have just started, but festival season’s been underway for some time now. EDC and Paradiso came and went, and for many, the question of where to go next is still an unanswered question. There’s always the Canadian juggernauts, Shambhala and Pemeberton, but right

The Paradiso Set Times Are Here, Good Luck Choosing

It’s here. The moment you’ve been waiting for; the official set times for Paradiso. Unless of course, you’re more excited about the actual festival, EDC this weekend, an upcoming promotion at work…there’s any number of things you could be waiting for as well. But, the

Insomniac Releases EDC 2015 Set Times!

It’s here, at long last—Electric Daisy Carnival is going down this weekend. For those attending the festival, this week consists of last-minute preparations, electronic dance music on repeat, and excitement to stop the collective hearts of an entire nursing home. For those of us not

How Do We React To Ten Walls’ Homophobia?

Today, we’re going to discuss homophobia. By now, most of you are aware of the controversy with Lithuanian producer Ten Walls, but for those unfamiliar with the incident, we’ll provide a brief summary. Ten Walls posted some… well, absolutely fucking horrific comments on Facebook. “I remember

The Neon Wave: A Safe & Local Benefit Event

When tragedy strikes, it either brings people together, or it rips them apart. After the death of Shane Zimmardi, the South Kitsap community rallied together to fund his family and offer support during this difficult time. A local music studio and event organization team, Electric

5 Policies Every Raver Should Have

The dance music scene spans decades, encompassing everything from illegal dives, to multi-day festivals that attract tens of thousands of fans. Within this varied culture, one mantra rose to prominence above all others—PLUR. However, the ideals of peace, love, unity, and respect only really apply

UK To Propose Blanket Ban On ‘Bath Salts’

Bath salts. Research chemicals. New psychoactive substances. The classifications are varied, but all of these names label one thing—the mind-altering substances that fit into the legally grey area of chemical analogues. Be the substances alterations of well-known drugs, or something new entirely, research chemicals offer

Ratatat Announce New, ‘Magnifique’ Album Release

Ratatat’s relationship with the electronic music scene is best described as ‘tenuous at best.’ Yes, the duo messes around with electronic elements, but also delves heavily into many other genres. Honestly, that’s a large amount of the band’s appeal; its unpredictable nature and experimental style

Parke Diem Promises A Free Community-Oriented Show

Festival season is quickly approaching, and it’s easy to get caught up in preparations for EDC, Paradiso, Shambhala, and the multitude of other events about to take place. All those expenses add up rapidly, though, leaving you financially unable to satisfy your need for dance

The Role of PLUR In An Expanding Dance Music Scene

Peace, love, unity, respect. PLUR. It’s the beating heart of dance music, the ideological basis of a countercultural movement. It’s a philosophy that stands in stark contrast to the self-indulgent narcissism that seems to define this millennial generation. At least, that’s the dream. In reality,

The Dangers Of Dance Induced Heatstroke

Anyone who’s actually been to an EDM show knows that dancing is exhausting. No matter how much water you pound, your mouth is in a perpetual state of excessive dryness, and your shirt invariably ends up drenched in sweat. It’s not something you typically worry

Slander & NGHTMRE Release Free New EP

Everyone’s favorite heaven trap group (primarily because it’s more or less the only heaven trap group), Slander, just released a brand new EP, Nuclear Bonds.  It’s a four track collaborative effort between the duo and NGHTMRE, their frequent cohort. And, best of all, it’s completely

The Daft Punk LEGO Minifigure Set Is Near Approval

Dance Music Northwest is committed to bringing you the latest information relating to the Pacific Northwest dance music scene. That being said, occasionally some things come up on a broader scale that are simply too awesome to ignore—things like the Daft Punk LEGO set submission.

Cascadia Promises An Artistic, Communal Festival

Dance music, on the whole, is headed into a more corporate direction. While underground warehouse parties still exist, the idea of a clandestine rave has been replaced by massive, heart-stopping productions. While there’s nothing wrong with that, there’s something to be said for a more

Norway Announces Plan To Remove FM Radio

Radio’s taken a tough hit in the past couple decades as smartphones, digital streaming services, and iPods became commonplace. Nonetheless, 90% of the American population still tunes in to some form of radio broadcast at least once each week. But, regardless of the size of

Soundcloud Declares War Against Remixed Music

Last week, Soundcloud announced a partnership with Zefr, the company responsible for determining what content contains copyright-infringing material on Youtube. At the time, what exactly this partnership would entail was unknown. Speculation revolved primarily around whether or not infringing songs would receive advertisements to generate

No, The Groundwater At Festivals Isn’t Full Of Drugs

A couple of months back, the internet collectively freaked out over a report claiming that traces of illegal drugs in water supplies increased a thousand-fold after music festivals. Those judging from the sidelines gravely nodded their heads and proclaimed self-righteous “I told you so”s during

Rock Out With Skrillex In Upcoming Guitar Hero

This year seems to be the year of Skrillex anticipation. We spent the cold, grey winter blasting Take Ü There while we waited for the Jack Ü album to finally come out. We’ve spent this spring holding our breath for the producer’s Paradiso performance, his first

Zedd Is Hosting Personal Parties For Devoted Fans

Zedd’s no stranger to making an impact. The Grammy-winning producer blasted his way into stardom, dropping chart-topping hit after chart-topping hit. His meteoric rise dominated the competition and left him standing, victorious, with…a Selena Gomez collaboration/relationship? Clearly, the man’s not infallible. But, perhaps to apologize

The Controversy Surrounding Fame, Talent, And Success

The distinction between professional and amateur, between superstar and musician, has grown murky with the rise of the internet. As globalization increases, the ability of an artist to reach an audience grows; talent can succeed on its own merit. At least, that’s what happens in

Decibel Festivals Announces New, Local Micro-Festival

If there’s one thing better than cutting-edge, boundary pushing music, it’s seeing said music in live, local venues. Historically, Seattle residents get to experience a deluge of indie electronica in September over the course of the legendary 5-day Decibel Festival. However, the festival has just

Prepare For The 19th Capitol Hill Block Party

Capitol Hill Block Party is one of Seattle’s defining events; a physical manifestation of the quirky, artsy, beautiful community that is Capitol Hill. The annual festival is incredibly diverse, featuring indie artists spanning a myriad of genres, and the recently revealed initial lineup is no

It’s Time We Had A Serious Talk About Tragedy

Last weekend at Insomniac’s Beyond Wonderland show, a 22 year-old man suffered a seizure and passed away. It’s a tragedy, and one for which our whole community grieves. Our hearts and thoughts are with John Hoang Dinh Vo’s family and friends in this difficult time,

Ultra Music Festival Ramps Up Security Measures

As Miami Music Week prepares to conclude with Ultra Music Festival, those running the show must make efforts to control the flood of concert goers. Considering that last year’s fiasco resulted in the hospitalization of security guard Erica Mack and a subsequent lawsuit, some changes

Prepare For The Next Anonymous Producer, ‘marshmello’

The beauty of the Digital Age lies not merely in accessibility of information, but also in anonymity. Ideas and creations are able to gain traction on their own merit, beyond the credibility provided by a well-known name. The music scene in particular benefits extensively from

On Preventing Sexual Assault In The EDM Scene

When thousands of young, attractive, and barely clothed people congregate together to dance in a relatively small environment, there’s going to be a sexual element. It’s just human nature. And that’s fine, hell, depending on your point of view, it’s encouraged. However, there’s a problem

DEA Approves New MDMA Psychotherapy Study

There’s a preconception surrounding dance culture in which outsiders are wary of the scene—fearing that they will be surrounded by geeked-out ravers gnashing their teeth and constantly asking everyone if they’ve seen ‘molly’. And while that particular breed of worry admittedly contains a grain of

HARD Red Rocks Reveals Killer Lineup

With all of the Paradiso hype around these parts, it’s easy to forget to pay attention to breaking news about other shows. However, HARD Red Rocks just unveiled the lineup for the amphitheater’s July 30th concert, and it’s one event you don’t want to ignore.

Tax Hikes A Possibility For EDC Las Vegas

As we’ve covered again and again, EDM is now big business. Events are massive spectacles, with tens of thousands of dancers paying hundreds of dollars for tickets. And, if any one event could fully represent the fusion of the commercial and artistic, the debauchery and

No More Consequence, Free Drugs For Ireland

It’s official: drug connoisseurs in Ireland can no longer possess illicit substances without fear of legal prosecution. For those who haven’t heard, Ireland’s Court of Appeals struck down the Misuse of Drugs Act of 1977 for unconstitutionally scheduling narcotics without going through the proper Parliamentary channels.

NGHTMRE Drops First Original Song, “MTRD”

With all of the hype surrounding Lucky, it’s easy to focus solely on the artists that will soon blow the roof off of WaMu Theater. However, to neglect the newly released track from NGHTMRE, MTRD, would be a very foolish decision. While much of NGHTMRE’s initial

Ultra Music Festival Releases New Security Policies

Since the FreakNight tragedy and subsequent cancellation of day two, there’s been much bemoaning of the new security policies in place at WaMu, especially the questionably legal decision to remove the stall doors at Resolution. However, increased security measures appear to be a growing trend

How To Be A Good Samaritan In The Northwest

With festival season quickly approaching, it’s essential to remember that it’s important to keep not only yourself safe, but to help others as well. However, we understand that there are some fears and misconceptions that surround providing aid to those in need. To provide some

Dunes Electroniques: The Star Wars Rave

2015 sparked a bit of a Star Wars frenzy, and the December 18 release date for Episode VII-The Force Awakens is rapidly approaching. While it remains to be seen whether the forthcoming release will be a much-needed revitalization of the series or a further decent

The Situation Of Hard Dance In Seattle

A dance community is a living organism; it grows, adapts, and sheds those parts that do not contribute to survival. Life exists in ticket sales, and popularity fills the bellies of venues. Unfortunately, this means that the events in an area are forced to appeal

Stagnancy Will Kill EDM

The worst insult of a musical endeavor is to call it ‘generic’. Talent, order, scope; all of these take a backseat to invention. Music that does not contain and provoke emotion is, to many, an affront to the art. In an interview with NPR, Puja

Jauz Brings Riff Raff Into The Future With New Remix

Riff Raff. The very mention of his name sparks immediate controversy. Some claim that he’s a brilliant satirist; to others, he’s a mediocre but insane rapper. As for those residing in Seattle, act like you’re above him all you want, but his show last week

Giant JNCO Jeans Are Back… Apparently

We may be living in the golden age of electronic dance music, but the age of the underground rave is behind us. Clandestine parties bumped to breakbeat anthems, and thousands of people shuffled along in comically oversized pants. You didn’t forget about those, did you?

Eminence Give Us The ‘Universe’ With New EP

If you haven’t heard of the Canadian production duo Eminence, it’s entirely impossible you spent the last three years asleep in a soundproof chamber. We’ve been supporting them ever since they blasted out of the Northwest onto the international stage a few years back, ranking 169th

Fest300 Wants To Help You Revel Around The World

For the dance music connoisseur, the festival is akin to a religious pilgrimage. There’s the preparation, the journey, and the event itself. Attendees devote themselves to the music and the experience; they choose to be lost in revelry with their fellow humans. This sensation of interconnectedness