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Artist Spotlight & Interview: Maya Recordings’ Joeski

Tracks to Listen To/Interview

Fans and listeners of techno and house, rejoice! The legendary NY producer/DJ Joeski returned to one of our favorite Seattle clubs Monkey Loft this May; you may know Joeski from his celebrated releases on labels like Desert Hearts, Material, and Maya Recordings, his own label.

4 Quick Tips for Amateur DJs Preparing for a Club Show

Prices of entry if you're just starting out.

Whether you’re a small-time DJ or professional, there’s a lot of preparation that goes into a show. If you’re a ‘controllerist’, your tracks have to be analyzed, your cue points have to be set, and your devices configured. If you’re a traditional turntable DJ, your

WORK!: Eyes Everywhere Returns to Kremwerk This Friday

Eyes Everywhere is coming to Seattle this October for a special performance, a 3-hour celebration of dance music at Kremwerk. This is the second Seattle WORK! installment of the duo and ecstatic anticipation is running high. Local support will be provided by Goner, Lucero (the big cheese of Work!), Jasenka,

FREE 2-Hour Serum Crash Course with Warp Academy!

Serum is indubitably the most popular virtual instrument, widely surpassing Native Instrument’s still popular synth, Massive. This expressive, highly programmable, and customizable instrument serves well in practically all genres and styles. In addition to familiar synthesis engines, Serum also boasts a huge library of wavetables

Hood Politics Records: Stepping Out On the Dancefloor With Confidence

Hood Politics Records has been tantalizing 4/4 audiences on their Soundcloud page, boasting a number of scheduled releases with heavy hitters, including Nutty, DJ Susan, More Than Friends, Dylan Payne, and Memo Rex. Their inaugural release, Label Showcase (HP001), features releases from the integral crew of HPR (as well as beautiful original

4 Monitoring Accessories to Elevate Your Music Studio

For many studios, a single microphone  and one pair of headphones or speakers isn’t nearly enough. Cross-referencing, or checking on multiple listening systems is a valuable and an often overlooked part of the creative and mixing processes. Fortunately, as studio technology has advanced, more tools have

Exploring Olympia’s Still-Burgeoning Music Scene

Gone are the days of Olympia, Washington’s claim-to-fame musical groups. Or is it? From Sleater-Kinney and Tom Kha to Macklemore, many locally-grown successful musical operations have disbanded or transplanted into other cities. Often written off as a hippie-infested liberal bubble, Olympia actually has an amazing expanding scene for