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Warp Academy Addresses Room Acoustics (Free Video Tutorial)

Buying good studio monitors isn’t the end-all-be-all solution to improving your studio, and chances are,  your room or studio setup is drastically negatively affecting your sound without proper room treatment. Our friends at Warp Academy have created an extremely in-depth tutorial about room acoustics that’s a

Atmospheric and 4/4 Production With PNW’s Own, Verune

Verune is a Bellingham-based producer and DJ who specializes in synthesizing the sounds of techno, house, hip hop, ambient, and alternative music. His debut release on Bottomfeeder Records Caviar is a desert-charged exploration of his genre and style influences, summarized in a highly tuned and unique

Is The Moog One Worth The Money?

5 Budget Analog Synths

Moog recently released their new polyphonic synthesizer, the Moog One, which quickly garnered considerable buzz in the industry. But, is this “magnum opus” (as referred to by Sweetwater Sound) worth the money? The short answer is yes. Unfortunately, few people will have the opportunity to even try

KSO’s Debut Album is a Must-Listen for Bassline Fans

Kissy Sell Out is well known for fusing the sounds of house, techno, hip-hop, and experimental music in a unique and memorable way, that can only be defined as “KSO.” Perhaps one of the most impressive accolades of the artist, he composed classical and post-modern music

Artist Spotlight & Interview: Maya Recordings’ Joeski

Tracks to Listen To/Interview

Fans and listeners of techno and house, rejoice! The legendary NY producer/DJ Joeski returned to one of our favorite Seattle clubs Monkey Loft this May; you may know Joeski from his celebrated releases on labels like Desert Hearts, Material, and Maya Recordings, his own label.

F9 TRAX Motion V1.0 Tech House Production Kit Review

Are you frustrated with your lacking house and techno productions? Stop picking up packs and watching YouTube tutorials, and learn from high-quality project files for Ableton and Logic! F9 Audio is the esteemed purveyor of F9 TRAX – Motion V1.0, the best and most unique tech

FabFlilter Pro-Q 3 Joins Forces With Dynamic EQ!

FabFilter Pro-Q has long been our EQ of choice for professional mixing and mastering applications. The EQ features three different modes, ‘Low Latency’, ‘Natural’, and ‘Linear’ phase. FabFilter took on the challenge of updating one of their most well-known plugins, and they certainly succeeded. At