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Aussie Producer PhaseOne Makes PNW Debut

Since 2013, Aussie producer PhaseOne has been making waves in the bass music scene and will be making his PNW debut this week. There is no doubt the Australian bass scene is stronger than ever, and PhaseOne has been helping lead the charge. Graeme Duffy, the 26 year old from Sydney, Australia has been producing music since the age of 14. As a member of 4 different rock bands prior to his electronic music debut, Graeme’s roots in punk and metal can be heard in production from guttural synths, catchy chords and soaring leads.

Winning the Disciple Recording’s Virtual Riot Remix Competition in 2014, and later signed to Datsik’s label Firepower Records. PhaseOne’s latests track release, UFO has seen massive numbers on Soundcloud and has been making its rounds in artists sets across the festival circuit. Beyond PhaseOne’s chart topping EP Matter of Time, Graeme has also collaborated with the likes of Datsik, Borgore, Excision, Foreign Beggars, Trolley Snatcher, Virtual Riot, Fractal, Jackal, Apashe and Kai Wachi (just to name a few).

With a stop in Seattle this Friday, the 19th at 88 Keys we welcome PhaseOne to the PNW. Touring with fellow Firepower artist, AFK, the night is sure to be filled with heavy wubs and deep bass. We’re expecting this to not be the last time we see PhaseOne in the PNW and see a bright future for the young producer. Head over to the event page to grab your tickets now, and be on the lookout for the DMNW team on the dance floor.

As a side note we highly suggest following PhaseOne on Snapchat (PhaseOneMusic) for a good daily laugh. As well as all social outlets for his latest releases and tour updates.

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