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Astralwerks’ Brand Reimagined After 25 Years

Astralwerks, under new General Manager Toby Andrews, is carving a new, daring path with a major re-brand. In its 25th year, the label has undergone a massive amount of change; July marked a cross-country move from their New York base to a new Los Angeles location within Capitol Tower. The move also marked the transition from long-time manager Glenn Mendlinger to Andrews. A visual rebrand is the first marker of the major changes – now only an orange line and dot, though reminiscent of past logos. Currently, the label’s website appears to be under construction – again featuring this new, simplified logo and banner indicating new content is “coming soon.”

A large majority of the label’s team has also shifted, likely due both to the drastic geographic move and the label’s new vision. The new team features some major names within the industry, including Nicole Lee, who has previously lead campaigns for The Chainsmokers and Diplo. It appears that Andrews hopes to employ the strategies that lead to his success marketing Marshmello’s singles abroad. The label intends to create a highly centralized branding center that ensures global brand unity for each of its artists.

These major shifts also come with some major new signings. Andrews recently signed both Illenium and Axwell & Ingrosso onto the Astralwerks label, fortifying the label’s already impressive roster. These signings indicate the label’s viability following this drastic re-brand; a rockstar lineup of employees dually ensures their future security.

In the future, we can expect more major singles and albums to come from the reimagined Astralwerks label. It seems we might also look forward to their first ever brick-and-mortar store in Los Angeles, directly under their new offices. One thing’s for sure – growing pains aren’t plaguing this dance music giant.

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