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Seattle’s Aston Manor Is Opening Its Doors To A Younger Crowd

For one night, thanks to Sharps 'N Friends

For the 21 and over crowd in the Seattle area, finding a nightclub that plays electronic dance music is easy; there’s a smorgasbord of them! As for the almost 21’s, well, tough luck. Following last year’s sudden closure of Club Volume, which always drew big audiences on its 18+ event nights, under 21s can currently get their groove on at festivals, one-day shows or Studio Seven’s Electric Wednesdays. Over 19 and possess a valid passport? British Columbia’s club scene is an option too! While the pickings are usually slim locally, thanks to Sharps N Friends, and the fine folks at Aston Manor in SoDo, there is a new offering: 8th Wonder.

What is 8th Wonder’s M.O.? To bring you, quote, “different styles of bass and electronic music all mixed into one amazing event.” Now that’s something we can get behind! Following its debut last month, which featured sets from Riot Ten and Junkie Kid, amongst others, 8th Wonder is morphing into an 18+ event next Sunday, December 18th, with Grandtheft serving as headliner. The fun starts at 8 PM and ends at midnight, so if you have to get up early for work or school that Monday morning…your ambition is admirable!

Tickets are currently on-sale and start at $20. Pay an extra $10 and you can get expedited entry. 21+ guests will have access to a raised area, separate from the younger crowd, complete with full bar and VIP tables. And while Aston Manor usually enforces a dress code, things will be relaxed. Come in wearing shorts or your tacky holiday best if you want!

What are your thoughts about 18+ club nights in Seattle? Between Aston Manor and Studio Seven’s events, could they be on the rise again? Drop a comment and let us know!