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Get In The Festival Spirit with Armin van Buuren’s Latest “This Is A Test”

The Next 'Ping Pong' Has Arrived

While Armin van Buuren isn’t currently slated to return to the Pacific Northwest this summer, his presence might be felt at various festivals across our region following the release of his latest crowd-moving anthem. This Is A Test, released last week on Armin’s A State of Trance 2017 compilation album, sees the godfather of trance go full on progressive in a way that makes this track one of his most creative pieces yet. Take a listen!

This Is A Test takes its name to heart; the track literally sounds like a stage test. Things starts off with a consistent up-tempo beat before everything “crashes” and fizzles out. That beat? Gone. A “total blackout”, a computer generated voice announces. Patience is required next as you don’t hear that up-tempo, progressive sound again for more than a minute thirty as the track resets itself, so to speak. After that, you’ll be waving your arms from left to right and counting down from 10 in no time.

During episode 810 of the A State of Trance radio show, Armin laughs during a discussion about the track, calling it “a bit of a nerdy joke”. It debuted during Armin’s Embrace World Tour and while it was made in jest, it just screams festival song. Come on, you’d wave your arms too…right?!

How do you feel about This Is A Test? Does Armin score an A with this one?