Stanley Sutton / DMNW

Armin van Buuren Vlogs His Paradiso Experience [Video]

When it comes to dining options in Moses Lake, Washington, there aren’t many restaurants to chose from; Armin van Buuren found this out the hard way.

Making his Pacific Northwest return to Paradiso Music Festival last month, the legendary trance DJ/producer documented his short stay in Washington state for the 54th episode of his on-going tour VLOG. In it, he makes the common mistake of referring to The Gorge as Seattle (the Emerald City located nowhere close!), and discovers the only thing to eat for dinner in Grant County’s largest town are burgers. Check it out below!

While we don’t get much highlights of his award-winning set, the few clips that are featured in the VLOG brings back memories of a night we soon won’t forget. Armin proclaims his “escape” from Moses Lake the following morning, his crew one of the most enthusiastic cheers you’ll ever see (joking), before hopping on a private jet to San Francisco for another performance. Hopefully, the small town, middle-of-nowhere, Washington life, and the burgers that come with it, wasn’t too much of a turnoff for Armin because we need more A State of Trance at the Gorge in our lives!

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