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Armin van Buuren and W&W Have Us ‘Ready to Rave’ With New Single

Armin van Buuren and W&W’s new single Ready to Rave was released on the new label Rave Culture this month. The track is a follow-up to the label’s title single, Rave Culture. Both tracks are strongly tied to W&W’s rebranding of their record label, and each stays true to their mission of reimagining main stage sound.

Ready to Rave sounds like a classic mix of Armin and W&W, with four-to-the-floor beats that keep you dancing through the drops and an ethereal trance vibe throughout. The track dropped with an accompanying music video that also follows-up on the visual world of Rave Culture.

A collaboration between W&W and Armin is sure to be epic, and some fans might have even seen this collaboration coming since Armin appeared at the end of the music video for Rave Culture. Other fans might also recognize Ready to Rave from some of W&W’s summer festival sets, where it heated up the dance floor. Van Buuren himself says that “this track is definitely meant to get people to go nuts and rave relentlessly wherever in the world they are.”

One thing’s for sure: Rave Culture is making a strong showing with tracks that are sure to get you “Ready to Rave.”

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