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PreFlowz: Get to Know The Arizona Duo with Their “Chicken Soup” Remix

Here at Dance Music Northwest, we look forward to finding new artists with unique sounds, and the Arizona duo PreFlowz is doing just that. The duo has been opening up for multiple artists in AZ the past couple of months, and just released their first single, a remix of Skrillex and Habstrakt’s Chicken Soup. We are here to help you get to know the duo a little better.

FlowBro, commonly known as Thomas Hess, is a 22-year-old DJ and producer from Tempe, AZ. Thomas has been DJing for a little less than a year, and producing for less than 3 months. Back in July of 2017, Thomas met Jesse, aka PreRollz. They clicked right away, and complemented each other’s weaknesses and strengths. Shortly after meeting, they decided to join forces to become PreFlowz. In just a short 10 months, Thomas has already made a huge impact in Arizona, opening up for names like Dubvision, Bailo, Decadon.

Jesse Feinsod, better known as PreRollz was born and raised in New York. The 20-year-old  producer has a background in drums and percussion, but has only been making music for 2 years. In 2015, Jesse moved to Arizona for school, where he met FlowBro. He has been relatively quiet for the past 6 months, however sources tell me that he has been working hard in the studio. We are all very excited to see what he has in store for 2018.

This year is a year of firsts for the duo. PreFlowz plan to put full focus on the production side of the music and really hope to bring a new fresh sound to the scene.

If you are in the Arizona area and want to catch the duo in action, March 31st, PreFlowz will be debuting their first performance together at The Pressroom in Phoenix, AZ, where they will be opening up for Protohype, Yakz, Decadon, D3V, Gladez, and so much more. Perhaps if we’re lucky, we’ll even see them make their way up to the PNW as they continue to grow!

You can follow them on their journey and find them on social media:




We are looking forward to what PreFlowz has to bring to the table this year. What do you think about PreFlowz new song? Let us know in the comments below!