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ARISAWKADORIA: Three of Seattle’s Most Celebrated Artists, One Night at Nectar

Every now and then, EDM fans get treated to artists with enough classic musical know-how to rip us out of our comfort zones. Our readers will have no trouble identifying KJ Sawka, drummer and programmer for Destroid, Pendulum, Unsung Heroes, and of course, KJ Sawka. He’s an electronic music pillar in the Pacific Northwest, but he also teams up with two other Northwest musical juggernauts for an avant-garde project—ARISAWKADORIA.

ARISAWKADORIA sightings are fairly rare, with their members’ grueling tour schedules making their appearance at Nectar Lounge even more special. Their music is a mash-up of Acid Jazz, Breakbeat, and Funk. In other words, chill funky music with live and electronic elements, full of vamped solos and rock-solid musicianship. The kind of music that lets you travel to any kind of world or state you like. So who are these three musicians? Some of the Seattle underground’s most talented and innovative artists.


Ari Joshua Zucker has worked with far-ranging artists such as Marcus Strickland, Blake Lewis, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Tom Morello (of Rage Against The Machine), and his own band Big High. The Cape Town, South Africa-born guitarist has also written a number of songs with R.E.M.’s Peter Buck.

KJ Sawka should need no intro on these pages, but for the freshly-initiated KJ is considered the seminal EDM drummer, who in addition to the acts above can regularly be seen pulling off insane drum kit/MIDI/MPC performances. Just because he can.

Joe Doria is the backbone for DMNW’s favorite Seattle jazz band McTuff. You could call him a Hammond Organ player, but most often you’ll see his performances handle the duties of organ, bass, horns, and synth…simultaneously.

The lineup is rounded out by Rippin Chicken, a dirty, groovy, soul jazz band who are also Seattle natives. If you’ve never been to Nectar, it’s semi-open walls and large floor plan work just as well in winter as they do in summer…and it’s just over the Aurora Bridge in Fremont. We promise you this show will be outside your comfort zone, and we also promise you that the experience of seeing amazing musicians (including one you know well) in a new setting will be well worth your time.

Now take a listen to ARISAWKADORIA, and purchase tickets here!