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April Fools’: Everything We Got From Our Nation’s Worst Holiday

April Fools’ Day has come and gone, and has left all of us either laughing, frustrated, or downright pissed off and sad. Lets face it, April fools is the worst effing holiday in the history of holidays. To be excited for it is like saying “hey, I really want to hurt someone I love, but the law doesn’t allow me to physically assault them.” Well, after relentless fact-checking (and exploring the obvious “liar liar pants on fire” territory), here’s what we saw making the rounds this last April 1st, for better or worse.

Tiesto’s “Return” To Trance


Tiesto Trance - April Fools'

There are a lot of us at DMNW that were super excited about this announcement since there are a lot of us who can remember the good old days of Tiesto playing trance. Adding to the problem is that we actually came across this nice little announcement on the 31st of March. It took us a little while to realize that it was all a bunch of BS and that Australia is on a very different time zone than us. It should have been obvious, but the fact that Tiesto has long since left the genre behind is one we never really want to believe is true.

PK Sound Releasing Dual 70 Sub-Woofers

PK Sound, April Fools

Man if only…

Now we all know that there are two major sound system companies who stand above the rest; Funktion 1 and PK Sound. PK Sound is loved and adored by bass music fans across the nation. So you can imagine their excitement when PK Sound posted a “sweet” picture of their brand new 70 Sub-Woofers. All the same, It’s not hard to see that the man in the middle of them is clearly photoshopped in, and that this is obviously a much smaller speaker system sitting atop a desk. Oh, what could have been…

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