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Apple Music Offers Students 50% Off

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The life of a student can be a tricky one; long days, sleepless nights, and a constant negative balance on your bank statement can definitely take its toll on the psyche. Being broke sucks, and when you’re faced with mac & cheese and tuna casserole for the 4th time in a week, you really start pinching every penny you can. Although DMNW won’t be able to help you aquire vast amounts of wealth, we can point you in the direction that will provide your pockets with a little extra weight.

Apple Music, one of the most popular music streaming services in the world, is now offering their services to students for half price. In just under a year since its launch, Apple Music has gathered over 13 million subscribers, being dwarfed only by monsters like SoundCloud and Spotify. While Apple Music boasts an impressive catalog of 37 million songs, compared to 30 million at Spotify, they’re both put to shame by SoundCloud, clocking in at over 100 million tracks for our listening pleasure.

It’s a nice gesture from the tech giants, as most people working at Apple can probably relate to the struggles of the student budget at some point in their life. But the question on the mind of the EDM world remains: is it worth paying a monthly subscription for a limited selection of our favorite music?

There’s an easy answer to that – no.

People, especially people without much money, like students, generally go wherever things are cheapest. And since you can’t get any cheaper than free, SoundCloud will continue to dominate the EDM side of the streaming world until we all get pissed off enough and decide to go to Hearthis, MixCloud, or revert back to the days of YouTube.

If anything is a student’s best friend, it’s music. (OK…alcohol may be a third wheel in that BFF triangle, but that’s a whole different story). It’s a study aid, as well as a party aid. It’s a crutch to help you through the tough times, or a cherry on top of whatever concoction came out of that blender. In the end, people are going to pay for it if they want, but first priority in the dance world is always going to be live shows and festivals, and there’s not much any company can offer us to change that.

How do you feel about paying a fee for premium services from Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or comment below!

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