Calvin Harris

Apache vs. Calvin Harris is EDM Twitter’s Latest Beef

Everyone knows the old adage: respect your elders. Sometimes, that needs to go the other way, says young Brussels-born producer Apashe. Now Calvin Harris, born Adam Wiles, is, without a doubt, one of the most storied producers in dance music history. Starting in the early 2000s with synth wave infused disco flavours, he continues to change the game forever with his sound. Despite a legion of admirers, both fans, and artists, alike, Harris continues to be a target of critiques- this time, Apasche being the latest with something to say.

Apashe took to Twitter to call out Harris directly, saying “I know you’re getting old and unoriginal, but did you have to copy my music video?! That’s just f**king lame.”

Wiles claims that the video is a reference from 2014 to horse riding girls in Dublin, in a now deleted string of tweets. De Buck pressed forward, but received no further responses from the prolific house producer, or his team, regarding the video.

Where ever the blame lies, it certainly does have a lot of similarities. The two are evenly matched in tone (though Apashe’s video is more humorous than serious), and the visual aspects of them do have a striking amount in common.

At this time, De Buck has stated no plans to pursue any further action regarding the video.

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