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Anomaly Music Collective Drops Massive “Volume 2” Compilation Album

The Northwest is getting barraged with more quality, new music this fall, courtesy of the artists at Anomaly Music Collective. Releasing their second batch of tunes, the Northwest-based group is now responsible for nearly 50 new songs, from dozens of local artists in 2016. Featuring 25 new tracks, Volume 2 is out now, and touches on everything from drum & bass and dubstep, to low-tempo, progressive house, and beyond.

Volume 2 boasts a similarly impressive track-list and sound as it’s predecessor, Volume 1, which came out in March of this year. The debut release for the collective, with 22 songs from Northwest artists, had us excited for what else Anomaly had in store for 2016.

Thus far, they’ve added local spotlight shows around the Northwest, with ‘Anomaly Takeovers’ of Baltic Room, Substation, and more this year. Anytime local artists are creating music, and performing throughout the Northwest, we’re in. Anomaly Music Collective specializes in just that, and we can’t stress how important that is to our community.

Now, they’ve combined these concepts, and are hosting the ultimate celebration of Northwest dance music. On Friday, Nov. 4th, there will be a Volume 2 release party at Kremwerk, featuring two stages, and a dozen Anomaly-artists performing throughout the night. Tickets are currently available to the 21+ event, at a $7 pre-sale rate, which jumps to $10 at the door.

At the ‘Anomaly Stage’, local-favorites Sixfour, Clifford, Canaan, Droptonix, Kozmo, Subduktion, and Truble will be providing the bass. Over at the Timbre Room, house music is on the menu, from the likes of Gruv1, Faraday, Thunder Pawh, Bacosaurus, and Errant Sons.

Our focus always has been and always will be on investing in our community of artists, no matter how new or seasoned they are in music production. There is always something you can learn from a new producer, and the most powerful thing about our collective is knowledge sharing. – Ramon Jones, founder

Founded by local artists, Spencer Stumpf (aka Treyis), Ramon Jones (aka R0ME/Cløve), and Chase Transeth (aka Clifford), Anomaly Music Collective is doing great things for dance music in the Northwest. This year has been an incredible first for the group, and we’re looking forward to more quality, Northwest-based music in the future. They only have a handful of potential releases for the remainder of the year, and that’s understandable, considering the impressive output throughout 2016.

We’re huge fans of Anomaly, and hope the trend of local artists working together to create, release, and play their songs for us continues long into the future. Let us know how excited you are for more great local tunes from a bunch of Northwest favorites! Comment below, on Facebook, or reply on Twitter!

Volume 2 Tracklist

  1. Outside In – Sixfour
  2. Secret Agents – Subduktion
  3. Get That – Treyis
  4. Into You – Cløve ft. Kesly Tayler
  5. Alps – Zuded
  6. Peachy Babe – Samaha
  7. Walk Away – CANDLIGHT
  8. Hands Up – Qreepz ft. ILL Writers Guild
  9. Hope – Prongs
  10. Runner – Mike.iLL ft. Aristoi
  11. Spaces – Voxxin
  12. My Love – LÖSH
  13. Paper Towel Zamboni – Ladice
  14. Burn Like Dem – Jakzon
  15. Beat That Up – HAL-V & SpaceCase ft. Kensurs
  16. Grind’n – Gruv1
  17. Uriel – Droptonix
  18. Burnin’ Dekka
  19. Mimic – Clifford
  20. Breakdown – Bacosaurus
  21. Jack in the Box – Kid Bass
  22. Superheroes – Farday
  23. Crosswalk – Kozmo ft. Torbjørn
  24. Still Gettin It – Thomas Crowne
  25. Libido – SAFE SPACE