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Anomaly Music Collective Brings Wave of Local Talent on “Tidal EP” [Review]

Since its founding last year, Anomaly Music Collective is showcasing a diverse roster of local artists. From tracks, to events, and EPs, one of the newest local electronic music labels is certainly making its mark. Anomaly Music Collective’s mission is “to tear down genre walls and promote up and coming local artists” through a “collective of like-minded people.” Well, the label’s newest EP Tidal sticks to that mission. In an eight track EP, Anomaly Music Collective features a great variety of local talent, from Hal-V&SpaceCaseChenbear, and more!

The EP starts off with the smooth orchestral intro of Chenbear’s Air Raid. What starts off as smooth, rich stringed instrument sound, crescendos into a rapid DnB bass line.  A variety of different drum styles and sounds layer seamlessly as the song progresses. It switches between smooth, classical instruments and fast electronic drums throughout the rest of the song.

With the next track gaining momentum in the EP, Eliminate follows suit with Flooded. This track has a heavy, dubstep sound, plus hip-hop centered drum lines and male vocals scattered throughout. The hip-hop undertones reflect a similar style to other tracks on the EP, but we’re certainly loving it.

In a stark difference from the previous song, HAL-V & SpaceCase open with melodious, synthetic “ah’s.” Shortly afterwards, Lillypad opens up with rhythmic trap beats. The duo takes a variety of different angles within the song, switching between the entrancing vocals, and a variety of snares and kick drums.

Similarly to the previous song, Kozmo and Muppet Punk’s Pacific Paper immediately envelops the listener in layering, spacey, atmospheric bass. This track incorporates varying hip-hop centered rhythms, with out-of-this world sounds. The title of the track, and occasional words throughout, make it clear these collaborators are from the Pacific Northwest.

Continuing the ambiance vibe is Qreepz’s melodic, yet dark and atmospheric track Zippers.The bass reflects a mechanical sound throughout. Qreepz incorporates melodic vocals to introduce the track, but quickly adjusts into a hip-hop, atmospheric bass line that is reflective in Troyboi.

Reek’s Arrhythmic Nonsense comes in with a strong, dark opening, which keeps us going from the last track. It has a fast, space, DnB vibe that is reflective of Sub Focus, but an industrial, in your face sound like Excision. Arrythmic Nonsense will keep you head banging from the first note until the final fade out.

Safe Space continues with a high energy, heavy trap and dubstep sound in Game Over. We’re not sure what you think of when you see this phrase, but in our heads it pairs with the flashing strobes and in your face dubstep at shows and festivals. Game Over certainly has the vibe. It begins with heavy trap-centered hip-hop waves to quickly take you on a ride through robotic-fluctuated dubstep, with hip-hop undertones. For all of the headbangers out there, this track will definitely get you going, and hopefully won’t “finish” you in the process.

Sixfour rounds out the pace of the EP by giving us a vibrant DnB track with deep, ringing bass. The style of The Hornet reflects the title, and fringes between heavy and melodic throughout. The kick drum gives a consistent rhythm to the track, while the underlying layers of warped and distorted bass resonate. On his recent work with Anomaly Music Collective, Sixfour said:

“I’m super proud and thankful for Anomaly, because it gives me an amazing opportunity to take risks with my music that I wouldn’t possibly be able to find with some of the established record labels – I can really experiment with my music. Anomaly is also a hugely supportive and encouraging environment to do so!”

Anomaly Music Collective has put out a vast amount of tracks by local artists in the last year. From their compilations Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, to their newest Tidal EP, this label is taking all the right steps forward with their mission and sound. We’re looking forward to hearing continual awesome work from these PNW artists, and what Anomaly has in store for us throughout 2017.

What are your favorite tracks from the Tidal EP? What other tracks are the artists on the EP releasing? Are there additional tracks by local artists coming out soon? Share your responses with us in the comments below!