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“Amplify Her” Documentary Sheds Much-Needed Light on Women in EDM

Well, its 2017 and the topic of women in the [electronic] music industry is still a tender one! That’s why Canadian film producers Nicole Sorochan and Ian Mackenzie decided to take it upon themselves to throw their hats in the ring for creative ways to prove that women have an important place in music.

These two want to show how integral femininity can be for a female artist and how differently you can define femininity in the process. The film set out on a mission to find female DJs with in the industry who could share their experiences when asked the ultimate question: “What do women bring to electronic music that no one else can?”

They wanted to approach this topic differently than anyone else had in the past and prove that there are many ways in which we can forge a better path ahead. During the process of the film the creators noticed an ongoing theme of women needing a safe space to discuss their experiences in the male dominated industry.

After putting on a workshop with females of varying artistic mediums – the team put together a graphic novel as well as a few motion comics that were debuted along side the film. These two components give a fresh and multisided perspective to the experience of the women interviewed in the making of the documentary.

The response to the film is overwhelming, as you can see below!

Watch out for an upcoming review and interview with the makers of the film as well as a more in-depth look at the different components involved in the process. Don’t miss your chance to see what the movement is all about! Make sure to visit their website for more details about events in your area!