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Following Vocal Surgery, Alvin Risk Creates Diverse ‘Ever EP’ In The Woods

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At its core, music is one of few things that resonates with everyone. It’s noteworthy to consider all of the positive ways music affects us, and how we can hone in on those styles for inspiration. Alvin Risk takes a time of hardship after vocal surgery to focus on his music, developing a four song EP.

After undergoing surgery on his vocal chords, Alvin Risk was unable to use his voice. As a result of not being able to speak, his only outlet was music. Risk decided to set out alone, ending up at a cabin in the woods, to create the foundation for a new EP.  From that time of silence and seclusion, EverThe Gate, The Spook, and The Craft transpired. The D.C. native has had releases on a variety of labels, including OWLSA and Dim Mak. Alvin Risk recently went on to create his own label Memory Ldt, which he released his Ever EP on March 10th.

Ever starts the EP off with an eerie, yet melodic plunking intro. Vibrant male and female vocals layer an atmospheric undertone, while crescendoing slightly, making it clear something is coming. The song quickly picks up to a warped electro bass line, with a distinctive steady beat. Distorted, but bright vocals, occasionally accompany the quick unpredictable chords.

Following in suit of the darker, yet upbeat vibe is The Gate. It’s distinctive beat pulsates throughout the intro, while harmonious undertones coincide to the build up. The drop abruptly changes to a scratchy, robotic style. With a new momentum, the track fluctuates between varying dubstep and electro elements throughout. Therefore, making it a track that will satisfy a variety of headbangers.

The Spook continues with that psychedelic, rapid drum line. It incorporates elements of DnB, such as the distinctive kick drum and the occasional snare. The breakdown includes dancing electronic notes that will make you move from side to side. Once you get comfortable with that sound, it abruptly switches to resounding horns and dubstep-like mechanical fluctuations. As with the other tracks on the EP, The Spook follows the style of sporadic, yet rapidly changing drum lines and sounds.

To conclude the EP, The Craft rounds out that differentiating style prominent in the other tracks. Tick-tocking sounds start the song, while ominous, breathy vocals greet you through accelerating drums. The breakdown transitions to that irregular electro line, with an underlying psychadelic drum tone that’s present in psytrance. The various technical elements of this EP will certainly keep you dancing from beginning to end.

It’s really inspiring that Alvin Risk was able to take his time secluded in the woods to create an EP this diverse. Risk’s signature bass driven style takes a unique turn, and we’re looking forward to more new releases from him in the future. What newly released albums and EPs are on your radar right now? Share your responses with us in the comments below!

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