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Altered Visions Emerges From Tacoma to Bring Fire to The Underground

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The Pacific Northwest is not short on great local event producers, and often the best new acts come from outside the major cities. Such is the case with Altered Visions, a label and production company run by the boys behind Tacoma’s ‘Filthy Fridays.’ The company was founded just this April, but already their vision of a locally-focused party has found a home at The Underground.

We spoke with Dominic Fowlkes and Peter Forster (of Etopia Events) to find out about the history, this partnership, and the absolutely fire local lineup they’re bringing to town.

1. Tell us about the history of Altered Visions.

DF: Altered Visions is a company I had the idea for after me and Kenny Dietz had ran multiple club events down at Jazzbones. We had started a night called “Filthy Fridays” that did pretty well but had to try and push forward in the way we wanted to go about the scene. One night I was at my buddy Adam’s house and we all brainstormed ideas on how we could make this happen. My initial goal for the company was to make this an event company and to throw events consistently. As the idea has developed more and more we have decided to eventually turn this into a Seattle music label that throws events here and there. We’re very thankful for Etopia Events coming into the equation because they provide the production aspect of events and we have a pretty solid following throughout our promotional group so it works hand in hand.

2. How did you get hooked up with the Etopia crew?

DF: I got in contact with the Etopia crew when me and “Bro Code” (Connor Cayton, myself and Kenny Dietz) were invited to play Emerald Etopia. It was Etopia’s second event held at the Rosehill Community Center in Mukilteo. The lighting and sound was amazing; the venue as well. Unfortunately, there weren’t many people at the show. I asked Peter why so few were there and he said: “There’s a lot of different reasons, but we’re going to keep doing this over and over again until we make this successful. Etopia has to keep pushing to make this happen because of what it can mean and how it can change the community. People just need to see our production level and how much fun locally focused events can be…then they’ll keep coming back bringing more and more friends. Etopia is more than a business idea, it’s a movement.” I called Peter after I played an event at Pacific Raceways and told him we may have a connection to throw an event at the raceways. Things panned out with another venue as my roommate Connor had told me he had made a connection to throw an event at the Night Owl in Tacoma. The event went well, Etopia brought all their production and the rest is history. We are very excited to partner up with Etopia once again for Etopia Underground. Peter & Austin had contacted us because they had booked the venue and started compiling a lineup with some of the most talented artists I have met throughout the past couple years.

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3. Why should club-goers be excited about Etopia Underground?

DF: I personally believe club-goers should be excited for Etopia Underground because the production level that Etopia brings event after event is very abstract to what I have personally seen in a lot of clubs. They may not have as much gear as some clubs right now but these guys definitely know their stuff and are very good at what they do. This will be our second event that we have worked with them on and our friendships have grown more and more by the day. The communication and organization between the two companies is there; I’m very thankful for that. Peter and I began to work on the lineup in hopes of creating something even more diverse than what we had in the past. I contacted a ton of people that I know throughout the scene and the lineup had started falling into place.

AMF is extremely talented and we’re stoked to have them headline the show. They’ve begun to make a lasting mark in the electronic music community with a unique blend of trap & bass sound that’s rattled clubs and venues across the PNW.

Alex McKenna B2B Odyssey will be joining two influential members from each company and thus be a cool representation of our partnership. They will be playing a style in line with Odyssey’s brand: “The Essence of Trance”. Odyssey’s unique style combined with Alex’s skill in diversity should make an awesome combo.

CHVSM B2B KIDONE will be a great time these guys have played many clubs throughout the area and are very diverse in their style. Excited to see what they have to offer.

Coltan Johnson B2B Faraday; I’m excited to see the variety in this one as well. I’ve always said Coltan reminds me of Will Sparks, he plays bounce a lot of the time but then will throw you for a ride. Faraday has also created a very unique house sound. I have no idea what they have planned for this one but I know it is bound to be great!

I’m very excited to play this back to back with my buddy ENDR. We both promote at Foundation and he’s invited me up to play at Club Pub a few times as well. Great dude, we both have a very broad taste in music and a ton of energy on stage. We’re going to make sure it’s a party in there!

4. How do you think the scene is doing with being “progressive and judgment-free?”

DF: One big thing I noticed at Paradiso was the fact that people were starting to actually listen to the music more. Whether that be the group I’ve surrounded myself around or not. I think music is progressing more towards the artistic see of things again. Mainstream festival music is shying out and making way for creativity. Altered Visions and Etopia Events always want to keep a good variety of music at our events. We want any attendee to enjoy the show regardless of what they listen to on a normal basis. I believe this will open up people to enjoy something they may not have enjoyed before. Life’s all about trying new things and I think if we can offer a variety of different music at our events that is a great step in trying to push that movement.

5. What should we expect from Altered Visions in the future?

DF: My goal for Altered Visions is to keep throwing shows on a consistent basis for awhile. Looking to track down rooftops, warehouses. Any venue that can set us apart from other event companies. We plan on growing our partnership with Etopia Events more and more throughout the process and once we feel like we’re ready we are considering turning Altered Visions into a music label. We would continue throwing events through Etopia. The idea is still aways out so we shall see what the world has in store for the company. To assist our growth the biggest thing I can ask the community is to like and follow us and Etopia Events on all social media platforms and keep an eye out for upcoming events.

Etopia Underground is on July 1st at 10PM at The Underground Seattle. The event is 21+ so come out and support the Altered Vision(s) and these talented artists! Find Altered Visions and Etopia Events on Facebook!

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