Alesia, Alesia, Alesia, what will we hear next from the amazing French duo next. Oh, what’s this, a remix of Dog Blood’s Middle Finger Pt. 2?! Just when you were ready to set Middle Finger Pt. 2 down, Alesia casts a shroud of Parisian darkness over it that is magnetic and dark club. Be warned this track is not for the faint of heart. Feed your inner dark side with four minutes of pure shadowy Alesian delight and a dash of Dog Blood. If you like this, you’ll love their one-hour OWSLA After Dark set.

Kicks and clicks catch our attention as the Middle Finger Pt. 2 lyrics fade in. Quickly and subtly, the bass joins in, slow and deep. Metallic echoes, and some eerie feedback let loose the real bass, which is so dirty Mr. Clean wouldn’t even know what to do with it. Truly hypnotized by this remix, we then fall into a faster tempo that is unforeseeable and perfectly placed. Keep your eyes on the shadows and your ears to the wall, this certainly isn’t the last we’ll hear of Alesia.