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Alan Walker Remixes Hans Zimmer Classic, and Seattle is First To Hear It (Video)

While he doesn’t produce electronic dance music, Hans Zimmer is a source of inspiration for many dance music artists. The Academy AND Grammy award winning composer has provided epic orchestral soundtracks on some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters, like The Dark Knight, Dunkirk, and Inception. One of his biggest fans? Alan Walker.

Kicking off his Different World tour in Seattle last Saturday, the mastermind behind Faded played both old, and new, tracks before a sold-out crowd. There were a few surprises as well, including a bit of hardstyle, and psy trance! Nothing was off limits.

During the hour 30-minute set, Walker took a couple minutes to praise Zimmer, telling the crowd how his work helped inspire the start of his own musical career. In addition to playing a big room remix of Zimmer’s Pirates of the Caribbean theme, the crowd would bear witness to the debut of Hans Zimmer’s Time, the Alan Walker Remix- the original version featuring on the movie Interstellar. Take a look!

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