Mark Your Calendars: A New Above & Beyond EP is Coming

The first time we got news of the Common Ground Companion EP was last Fall during Above & Beyond Group Therapy 300. After three months of studio work, Above & Beyond have finalized the release date. The Common Ground Companion EP is ready for distribution on March 29, 2019. The first single, Flying By Candlelight is available Friday, January 18.

Three tracks have been confirmed for the March 29 release: Distorted Truth, There’s Only You that features Zoë Johnston, and Flying By Candlelight that features Marty Longstaff. These three tracks and a fourth were all premiered at ABGT300. We hope that the remaining song, Anjuna Family, gets a release date soon. This EP could ultimately feature 6-7 new tracks.

If you want a chance to preview the upcoming three songs you can recap ABGT 300 on either Spotify or YouTube.

Combine all this new music with the recently announced Anjunabeats label tour and Above & Beyond are about to have an action packed 2019. Prepare yourself!!!

Do you have a favorite among these three upcoming releases? Is a second EP on the way? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!