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Above & Beyond Battle Mental Health With Newest Collaboration

2018 has been a year of reflection for the lifestyle of touring performers. It has become customary for DJ’s to perform in multiple countries in one week. These schedules cause the health of performers to decline and many people have voiced opinions about how to improve health.

One argument is that performers need to begin taking more breaks so that they can reset their biological time clock. Above & Beyond and Spencer Brown express the emptiness and sadness that they felt themselves. Thus with Long Way From Home, they show us how we can overcome the emptiness and sadness.

Long Way From Home has a strong relationship with the mental health discussion of 2018. People are being more open and cautious about the struggles of a never-ending travel schedule. Paavo Siljamäki is ⅓ of Above & Beyond and he has talked extensively about his own struggles with mental health in 2018. This song is meant to be therapy during the dark moments of touring.

Above & Beyond and Spencer Brown explained the inspiration behind their collaboration on Instagram. Both Spencer and Paavo were feeling empty in Australia after an aggravating travel day. A solution was to create new music. The two of them constructed a temporary studio with speakers blasting out of their hotel room’s television.

Paavo and Spencer used this song to help them get through the emptiness of being away from their friends and families. They showed that all dark moments have the potential to come to an end. Spencer Brown and Above & Beyond were a Long Way From Home when they wrote this track. Spencer Brown explained on Instagram, “I hope this song will help you get through tougher periods in your life as it has for us — It always gets better!

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Both Spencer and myself know all too well what it's like being a touring musician. Leading a life full of totally amazing high moments but also of lonely moments in hotel rooms far away from home. We were in Australia when ‘Long Way From Home’ was written and we'd both been travelling for hours. We were feeling somewhat lost and lonely and ended up spending the day together talking about it all. We found ourselves making a song about it, using a makeshift hotel room studio with a telly as our sound system, pouring our feelings into the track: working title 'What Are We Doing?'. Both of us left Melbourne feeling it would be amazing to have a vocal, something to connect people with the story of the track. We sent it to Hendrick of RBBTS, along with this picture and a story of how we'd been feeling. We got back a vocal that really resonated with us. Five months went by, the track sounded better each week with the help of Jono and Tony. Today, we are so happy to finally share this song and the story of its initial creation with you. Enjoy ‘Long Way From Home’. – Paavo .. @paavoab @jonogrant @tonymcguinness @rbbtsmusic @spencerbrownofficial #anjunafamily #aboveandbeyond #anjunabeats #abgt300

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What do you think of Above & Beyond’s collaboration with Spencer Brown? Who do you hope they collaborate with in the future? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

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