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Above & Beyond Releases Tracklist for 2nd Acoustic Album

Many have been wondering for the past few months what tracks are Above & Beyond going to be playing at their Acoustic dates across the world. Well now, thanks to Amazon’s listing for Acoustic II, we know. A similar situation happened with iTunes when they debuted the We’re All We Need album before ABGT 100 at Madison Square Garden almost 2 years ago. We’re not sure if this is a clever marketing gimmick or an honest accident by the people at Amazon. Either way, WE ARE SO FREAKING HAPPY IT HAPPENED! The listing also teases at a June 3, 2016 release date, putting it right around the corner. For all you Above & Beyond and OceanLab fans out there, here is the new track list for Above & Beyond’s next Acoustic album:

Acoustic II Tracklist

1. Hello
2. We’re All We Need
3. On My Way To Heaven
4. Save Me
5. All Over The World
6. No One On Earth
7. Black Room Boy
8. Peace Of Mind
9. Sticky Fingers
10. Alchemy
11. Counting Down The Days / Liquid Love
12. Blue Sky Action
13. Another Chance

You check it out for yourself here, if you like. The news comes on the heels of Above & Beyond announcing their vocalists for their upcoming round of Acoustic shows. The singers include two newcomers to the group, Natalie Holmes and Cobi (who will be replacing Alex Vargas as the chosen male vocalist). The list also includes Above & Beyond veteran Zoe Johnston, and OceanLab front-woman Justine Suissa.

The Acoustic performances coming up are not something you want to miss. No matter what genre of music you’re into, you will find incredible beauty in these performances, that’s almost impossible to find anywhere else. This is literally something you can take your parents to, if you know how to talk to them.

Will you be attending any of the Acoustic shows in the future?