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A Tribute To Daft Punk Returns To The Emerald City ‘One More Time’ [Win Tickets]

Every dance fanatics dream is to see Daft Punk live and unfortunately they haven’t been on tour for nearly 7 years since their Alive tour, which also happened to pass through Seattle (lucky bastards who got to see it). Thankfully there is such thing as a tribute to Daft Punk and it’s pretty damn close to the real thing: Replica helmets, a full scale model of the pyramid stage and a night full of all the greatest Daft Punk tunes known to man. Anyone of drinking age is in for a treat, because this is strictly a 21+ event and we’re giving you the chance to see A Tribute To Daft Punk at Showbox Market on April 26th!


Local support by: Tyler Brown, Troy & Audioh

-Event Info-
1426 1st Avenue, Seattle
This event is 21+ w/Full Bars
Doors @ 8:00pm

Purchase tickets here if you can’t wait!

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