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A Beginner’s Guide to Shambhala: Everything You Need to Know & More

Getting to the Farm

Most festivals are fairly straightforward when it comes to transportation. For Paradiso, you drive due east from Seattle, get in a line of cars, and get directed to your campsite. EDC is even simpler: Get to your hotel, hop in a shuttle to the Speedway, enter the festival grounds. Shambhala though is just a little different, especially if you’re coming from the southern side of the Canadian border. Crossing the border can always be a hassle, so here are a few quick tips for anyone heading to the Farm from the United States.

DMNW Pro-Tip #1: Save the entirety of the route to Shambhala in “Offline Maps” in Google Maps, to ensure you can still find your way in areas with spotty cell service. You can find step-by-step instructions on that here.

Google Map your trip to Shambhala from Seattle, and the first result will likely tell you to head east to Spokane, and then head due north from there until you hit the border. That route will take you to the Nelway Border Crossing. Once you cross in Nelway, you’ll be approximately 10-15 minutes away from Shambhala, continuing on until you see signs directing you to turn left into the festival and onto a narrow dirt road. Follow that dirt road for a few minutes and you’ll soon find yourself in the line of cars leading into the campsite entryway.

Border Crossing Shambhala

The best crossings into Shambhala

Keep in mind, Nelway is a tiny crossing, manned by just a few border patrol guards with 1-2 lines for entry. It’s the most-used road into Shambhala, so be prepared to wait. The guards know there’s a festival happening 12 miles north of the border, and as such will tear apart each and every car to ensure nothing illegal is making its way into Canada. It should go without saying, but do not attempt to bring any narcotics into the country. Also worth noting, the Nelway crossing is open from 8am-midnight.

To avoid the longer lines, you can opt for the Paterson Crossing (denoted above). It’s open 24 hours, and in terms of driving time will add approximately 45 minutes to your trip. Even with the added time though, you’ll get less hassle at the border, with shorter lines and a larger staff of border guards to get you across in a timely manner. Head about 10 minutes north of that crossing, and you can go to Ferraro Foods in Rossland for affordable local groceries, before heading east to the Farm.

DMNW Pro-Tip #2: Be sure to withdraw Canadian money before you skip town to avoid ATM fees at the festival; call ahead to your local branch to make sure they carry foreign money, as not every bank does (take out at least $200-300 for the weekend just to be on the safe side). The exchange rate right now is favorable to Americans, with $1 equaling $1.27 Canadian dollars.

*Special thanks to Britz for her helpful advice on border crossings into Shambhala

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