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7 Reasons Why You Should Date A Raver (Opinion)

two people kissing at a festival

Did Cupid’s arrow miss its mark last week? While Valentine’s Day is marketed as a celebration of all things lovey dovey, being alone on this “Hallmark holiday” can be tough. Finding love during these cold, grey winter months can be hard as is. Maintaining love? Ever harder, for many. Valentine’s Day time is one of the more popular times of year for relationships to falter, according to science. The good news though? Spring is on the horizon! With spring comes new beginnings as the sun begins to shine more often. With that? A better chance at love and finding a date!

Sometimes we, as electronic dance music fans, get thrown into a negative spotlight. The genre, and its fans, continue to be made fun of by the media- the hit television show Family Guy recently took a poke at our scene. Contrary to public perception, we as ravers have so much to offer- big hearts being one of them. Dating a raver can be a fun, worthwhile experience; here are some reasons why!

1. We’ll Take You On A Musical Discovery

For those who are unfamiliar with the electronic dance music genre, dating a raver will lead to the discovery of new sounds. Have an open mind and you might find fall in love with a new brand of music.

2. We’re Outdoorsy!

There She Blows! (Photo: Paradiso Facebook)

Going to festivals and camping for a few days is a big part of the EDM experience. Sure, sometimes the elements might not be on our side (tents flying at Paradiso 2016 anyone?), but that never discourages us. We can make do with little and can survive the hottest of nights and the coolest of nights. Yeah, bug bites, sun burns, cellphones dying (with no chargers available) and lack of showers can suck but dancing to our favorite artists during the day, and sleeping under the stars with hundreds of new friends after, makes it all worth while.

3. We’re Respectful and Protective

Plur Handshake (Photo:

No one’s perfect, and in our scene there are some things certain people can work on. But more often then not, many ravers really are about PLUR: peace, love, unity, respect. We’ve been to shows where we’ve seen strangers lend a helping hand to those in despair. We’ve seen many new friendships form. Acts of violence at EDM events? Very rare occurrence. The good outweigh the few bad apples in our scene, a reminder that in a world full of devils, there are still angels, sometimes wearing kandi beads, among us.

4. We’re Fit!

It takes a lot to dance for 3+ hours and not die. Going to EDM events can be quite a workout! Sometimes we can head bang a little too hard, get pushed too many times, or have an accidental slip or face smack, but, like Wolverine in the X-Men, we heal quick and get back to the dance floor for more! Date a raver and you definitely won’t be getting a couch potato.

5. We Love To Travel

The Magical Electric Forest In Michigan (Photo: Electric Forest Festival)

It seems each year, new festivals are popping up in North America, and abroad, while mainstays are getting bigger and bigger. With that comes wanderlust and the desire to venture to them! There’s nothing like loading up a car and traveling with a group of friends to an event in the middle of nowhere, or catching a flight to see a favorite artist– catching many beautiful sights along the way.

6. We’re Charitable

In recent years, EDM songs and events have been used to raise funds for charity. In some cases, you aren’t required to donate cash! Something as simple as a music video stream has helped raised thousands. Keeping it local, the Pacific Northwest bass family donated an overwhelming amount of toys at a Dance Music NW/Foundation Nightclub toy drive during Christmas time last year, with all the goodies going toward the children at Seattle Children’s Hospital. When there are people in need, ravers know how to step up.

7. We’re Just Plain Fun

Wooo! (Photo:

Let’s face it: we know how to have a good time.

What else would you add to this list? Why should a non-EDM listener date a raver? Drop a comment below!

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