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6 Podcasts Every Dance Music Fan Should Follow

Everyone has a few things that help us get through the day. A significant other, a favorite lunch-time meal, or just those few moments away from the world are all ways we navigate the stresses that continually manage to pop-up in our lives. For many dance music fans, podcasts are used for just that. Whether we’re pushing through the end of the longest shift ever, or busting out that paper that’s due tomorrow, podcasts from our favorite artists are necessities. Thankfully, the interwebs is full of wonderful mixes and radio shows from artists in every corner of the constantly growing world of dance music.

From labels to blogs to the artists themselves, podcasts are available in every variety of length, style, and form you can imagine. Simply put, there’s a lot. Some shows have incredibly passionate followings, such as Armin van Buuren’s A State of Trance or Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy.  Those shows are part of many fan’s regular podcast rotations, as they well should be. But, much like dance music itself, there’s podcasts for every type of fan out there.

There’s so much out there, that we decided to share a few podcasts that help us get through the days and weeks between shows. Regardless of your genre preferences, these quality mixes and radio shows are worth a listen. We’ve avoided some of the more obvious choices, such as ASOT, ABGT, Diplo & Friends, and BBC Radio1’s Essential Mixes, as we expect these may be on many reader’s radars already. We are also being liberal with the term ‘podcast’, encompassing mixes, radio shows, and similarly great ways of spreading quality tunes into our definition.


Cutting the list to seven podcasts was far too difficult a task to not include an honorable mentions section. An article about podcasts that didn’t mention Northwest-favorite R7’s Under the Influence show, which takes place each Friday at 9 a.m. on Digitally Imported Radio and can be found on iTunes, would be a mistake. We’ve also massively enjoyed the first few episodes of Noisia’s new podcast, Noisia Radio, which began last month. Of course, if you’re looking for more of the best from our own locals, you can tune into our very own Elevation Radio every Thursday!