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5 Reasons Why You Should Support The Underground Music Scene


As mainstream EDM events sell out and grow with restrictions and regulations, underground non-commercialized events bubble under the surface. As some may argue over which one is better, they both play their important role in the community in their very own special ways. One puts on spectacular shows with top of the line production and well known heavy hitting international acts to please large crowds. However, the other embraces the intimacy of their events and offers attendees something different from what one is used too and stands out amongst others.


We had the opportunity to get a behind the scenes look of Big Dub Festival thrown by Badass Raves on Four Quarters Farm, PA back east to see what the underground really had in store for its festival-goers. The event had under 5,000 people in attendance (which is quite small for a festival), they have been making their rounds on the East Coast for upward of 7 years, and their hard work has been paying off with a growing community of fans. This year they even had sizable bookings like GTA, Minnesota b2b G Jones, Thriftworks, 2 Rip, Downlink, Dieselboy, Aphrodite, Terravita, Skism, and more!

1. Intimate Experience w/ The Artists

Underground shows promote a personable experience with artist and performers alike. Chances of running into one of your favorite artists is likely, as well as meeting artists you may have never heard of. This experience lets you open your horizons to new tastes.


Upon entering Big Dub, they let you become a part of the experience, setting up your own theme camps and workshops to teach new friends something new. Additionally, they host an orientation workshop for those new or just wanting to learn about the new things held every year. You get to introduced to the promoters who throw the show, some background about the festival, and its prospects for the future. They give off that warm fuzzy feeling that they really do care about you and that your home when you’re at Big Dub.

2. Better Customer Service


For large events, if one has a question or concern it takes a few phone calls or emails but sometimes you still feel like you haven’t dealt with a real person to answer simple questions. When dealing with a smaller promotion team, they are less likely to let you go unnoticed; your opinion matters to them and they want all the feedback they can get to make the event perfect in their eyes. As for Big Dub, when the days starting approaching the event, question or concerns would be answered within minutes no matter day or night, and people were on call to help better deal with the activity coming in. They were happy and proud of the work they do, and it reflects on their patrons.

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