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5 Questions With Aston Manor About Their New Night, Cabaret Friday

Cabaret Friday - Aston Manor

In just the last two years, Seattle has been the home of a rising club scene. Recent months have seen one major player come to the forefront though in Aston Manor. In our last discussion with them, we got an inside look at their bold plans for the future, that’ll have them pouring their focus into creating the full club experience, rather than simply bringing in bookings for major DJs. These plans include an expansion of their VIP tables, as well as the introduction of a brand new night, Cabaret Fridays.

There’s really no better place than Aston Manor for a Cabaret-themed club night, given the 1920s Prohibition design of the venue. We got the inside scoop from their VIP manager Sean Mafi about what to expect, and why it’s worth your while to make your way down to Sodo this Friday to check out the inaugural night.

You can join the event page for this weekend’s Cabaret Friday over in this direction for more info on ticketing and admission!

5 Questions With Aston Manor

1. What exactly is Cabaret Friday?

“We are putting all of our focus on production. Everything from choreographed pieces, which will be performed throughout the night, to the choice of the right music tracks, as well as how to sync the lighting show to everything. We are simply bringing theater into the nightclub scene and we’ve been rehearsing for over a month for this now. Each month, we will have a new theme on Fridays (starting the first Friday of the month) and our entire production will be honoring the chosen theme. Performers, costumes (all staff!), ambiance, music, etc.

If you think about it, back in the days, all clubs had live artists (singers, bands, etc) on a stage and a group of professional dancers for the entertainment. In our case, the live artist is our local and amazingly talented DJ’s, and we’re just bringing back the elegant, beautiful, and well thought productions back on stage.

We are actually extending the existing stage at Aston so we can really give a true Cabaret experience to our guests.”

2. How does the new night differ from others at Aston?

“Production and music theme. All performances will be choreographed and the music is more open format: Mashups, UK/Deep House, Big Room House and Hip Hop.”

3. What should people expect?

They should expect a show! They should expect to walk into a whole different era — The whole idea of Cabaret Fridays is that you as a guest will and can be a part of our production.

4. Dress code? 

The ladies can put a nice and elegant dress with a feather headband on while the gents put on their favorite suit, tie and bowler hat, for a night where they can pretend they live in the 1920’s. That is the entire goal with this evening.

5. Is there anything else our readers should know?

I want to give a special shout-out to my wife Lili, who has been my biggest support and help. We’ve been building productions together for the past 3-4 years for different nightclubs in this city and none of it would have been possible without her talent and creativity. I usually have more of a producer role and she is the director and writer. Not only does she make our show costumes and decoration pieces, but she is also the one who finds new talents and teach our performers the well directed acts. And she is actually coming back from retirement to perform on the Cabaret Fridays premiere! Life would honestly be really hard without her.

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