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5 Psychedelic Festivals Worth Flying For

Earth Frequency

Earth Frequency

Photo by Ollie Jackson

Where? – Near Adelaide, Australia

When? – Feburary 13rd-16th

How Much?  

    Tickets – $260+fees

    Airfare – $1750


Still capitalizing on the glorious weather, music, and people of Australia, Earth Frequency is the close cousin to Rainbow Serpent. Celebrating its 10th year, this will surely be one not to miss! While Earth Frequency does not have the same focus on aboriginal tradition as Rainbow it is still firmly rooted in community and creating a transformational event space. It will certainly be a representation of the great Aussie/Kiwi tradition known as the bush (in the wild) doof (the sound your speakers make when playing electronic music). Say it with us, Bush Doof!

Average Attendance – 10,000

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