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5 Psychedelic Festivals Worth Flying For

As the holidays come to a close, we know you’re starting to think of the joys summer may bring. And while there is no shortage of fantastic events stateside, we thought you may like a look into some world-class psychedelic parties across the globe. Yoga by day – psytrance by night. You may meet with a counsel of mysterious elves, or be blasted into space by Aztec disco shamans. You will certainly see plenty of visionary art and find yourself meandering through an otherworldly market of magical goods. Pack your bags; it’s time to go for a trip!

Rainbow Serpent

Rainbow Serpent 2014

Photo By Francesco Vincenzi

Where? – Near Melbourne, Australia

When? – January 23rd-26th

How Much?  

    Tickets – $320+fees

    Airfare – $1725


Are your PNW bones aching for sun? Can’t wait till summer? Then get your ass south of the equator! The first of two fantastic festivals in Australia, Rainbow Serpent, has been making waves for years. Though it is often hailed as the Burning Man of Australia, we think that hardly paints the right picture. This rave brings acts from all over the world to partake in a ritual of dance, communion, and freedom in all its forms on native aboriginal land. The proceedings strongly incorporate the first peoples of the land, with opening and closing ceremonies performed by aboriginal tribes themselves.

Average Attendance – 15,000

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