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5 Live-Sets to get you ready for Magnifique this weekend

Magnifique is right around the corner, and we can’t wait for our second trip of the year to the Gorge, as we wrap up the summer of 2016. Featuring Kaskade, Chromeo, Gramatik, Netsky, Mija, and more, the lineup for the festivities is just as beautiful as the scenery that surrounds the venue. We can never get too many great events at the Gorge, especially if they continue to include the high-quality artists we’ve become accustomed to USC Events bringing. We’ve been all-over Magnifique, covering the creative release of the artists at Paradiso, and keeping up with info on camping, tickets, and more.

We’ve also been struggling to contain our excitement, and decided to collect a few of our favorite live-sets from the acts performing at Magnifique this weekend. The stresses of travel, and budgeting, can have an impact on the fun we have while preparing for events like this, and great tunes help reduce that stress. It’s important to remember that all of that stress will melt away, once we’re again joined by Kaskade, and more, at the Gorge. So, enjoy these mixes while we get ready to head to the Gorge one last time in 2016!

Let us know what you think of these live-sets and how excited you are for Magnifique this weekend! More information is available via the official Magnifique site, and official Facebook event page. Comment below, on Facebook, or reply on Twitter!