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4 of the Northwest’s Trance Icons Speak Out on The State of Trance

"We're at a critical point, and we have the power to truly turn things around."

No matter how you feel about the Trance genre, it’s hard to deny the signs of its rapid growth. Large-scale events like Dreamstate and Bliss are quickly becoming commercially viable as mainstream EDM begins to age, and with them comes a whole new generation of Trance fanatics hungry for “real” trance. But, how did we get to now?

What led us to the point that “trance massive” is even a phrase we utter? The answer lies deep in the EDM underground, where dedicated trance DJs, producers, showrunners, and fans have been quietly building momentum—some for as long as a decade or more. It is these standard bearers that have kept trance alive through the explosion of EDM, and are now finally experiencing the mainstream groundswell of their hard work.

We wanted to know what this experience is like, so last month we asked four of the Pacific Northwest’s top trance ambassadors a simple question: In your opinion, what is the current state of Trance in the Northwest, and how can trance fans help it grow?

What follows are their unedited answers, giving us an in-depth look at the history of trance in the Northwest, and how we as fans can help carry the torch.

DJ Zoxy

DJ Zoxy Mission Trance

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“Here is what I think! I’m very happy to see events like Dreamstate and Bliss happening and with all other music. In past few years I think the Trance scene for some reason went down little bit!

I’ve been promoting/playing and booking Trance artists for the last 4 years here in Portland and it seems to me that Trance has been growing alot. Perfect example is Bliss that’s happening in Seattle, the first time we have a full stage of Trance artists. Big thanks to USC for that, I am looking forward for many events like that. Also of course thanks to all promoters and fans for making Trance music great!

Fans can help all of us by supporting shows and let word out who’s coming in town. Simply ‘WE NEED TO WORK TOGETHER’ every show!”

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