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3LAU Rivals DJ Hanzel With First Deep Haus Mix [Free Download]

3LAU hasn’t gone as far as inventing an alter ego and naming it, but he sure has released a mini mix worth the same attention for the latest episode of his 3LAU’s HAUS radio show. DJ Hanzel, Dillon Francis’ alter ego, is quite the character as well as deep house DJ. Justin 3LAU, usually known for his progressive house sets, has turned over a new leaf and presented his fans with a newer, DJ Hanzel-like direction: Deep house. Appropriately, 3LAU of course prefers calling it “deep haus.”

Every set 3LAU DJs starts with the memorable “you’ve just stepped into 3LAU’s HAUS”. Let us tell you, if you’ve hoped on the ride you’ll understand the exact feeling that rolls over you when you hear that introduction. 3LAU very tactfully blends uncommon tracks with some of the best known songs, all while maintaining a true DEEP HAUS vibe. He keeps the mix interesting with just enough lyrics, but also gives opportunities to just enjoy the DEEP HAUS ride without vocals. We loved progressive HAUS 3LAU, but now that we’ve heard 3LAU’s rendition of deep house, we’re eager to hear more.

Not that we’re surprised; well, a little surprised but not in a “oh wow, it’s good” surprised, but rather a “dare we say this might be better than 3LAU’s progressive house” sort of way. 1230 Room’s Deep House Tuesdays could benefit by taking note of 3LAU’s take on the genre. Give 3LAU’s HAUS #27 (Deep Haus 1) a listen, and your ears and soul will thank you.